Did you miss his call-in interview yesterday?

No problem, you can listen in right here:

Some of the highlights:

– Benjamin Jr. likes everyone to play “catch”, so he can throw! “He throws everything,” said Ben. “You ask him, ‘hand me that,’ and he wants to [play] ‘catch’ so he can throw it to you. So we’re working on not throwing so much, which sounds kind of crazy coming from me, but…we’re trying.”

– Ben said he’d let Benjamin, Jr. play football, but he’d wait until the fifth grade: “My only thing is I will not allow full contact until fifth grade. That’s when I played. These kids playing in first and second grade seems crazy to me.”

– Dan asked if Ben could teach his style of play – “I think you could teach certain things. A lot of my play is just on instinct. People made a big deal about my pump fake against Carolina [in Week 3]. That wasn’t a pump fake. I was going to throw it. I get a lot of credit for pump fakes. Sometimes I’m intending on throwing it and at the last minute I catch something that’s not good and I just hold on to the ball. It looks like a heckuva pump fake.”

– Oh, and Ben said he thinks Peyton Manning would probably run the slowest 40 among quarterbacks (yes, this was an actual question asked by Mr. Patrick). Ben also said that he’d beat Tom Brady and to make sure he wasn’t last, he’d trip someone else!