He would have changed the lyrics to this song that he made famous, and sang it just like this:

🎵Black and Gold,
Black and Gold,
Means so much more when I see,
Black and Gold decorations on every Christmas tree…🎵

Steelers fans have the greatest fan trees out there – whether the trees are green, white, or black and gold!

This beautiful tree was submitted by Debbie Strickland.

A stunning Steelers tree by @KirstenGilling

Dan Boer knows how to deck out a Steelers tree! His tree was even featured on Pittsburgh’s Action News 4!

Christmas dinner with the perfect view in the dining room of the Yakubik house.

This lovely Steelers Christmas scene brought to you by Deb Musser.

And here we have….hey, what the…? Who put this in here? Had to be a Ravens fan!! SMH!!

Great Steelers rec room with a great Steelers tree, submitted by Josh Miller.

A sparkly gold tree with all the Steelers trimmings, submitted by Aleksandra Kocelko.

Black tree ✔️, Gold garland ✔️, Steelers ornaments ✔️, submitted by @jasteelfan

Never gets old hanging these @_BigBen7 limited edition ornaments I got from @WendellAugust a few years back. — @tmwjr7

WMBF (in Myrtle Beach) Meterologist Andrew Dockery shows off both of his Steelers trees!

Scott Juba’s tiny, but mighty Steelers tree, along with two offensive linemen on each side!

Another amazing Black and Gold tree decked out with Black and Gold ornaments, submitted by Crystal Miller.

“My Steelers Christmas tree!” — Tia Kristufek.

The perfect place for it, submitted by Cheryl Pollock.

“Hanging our favorite ornament!” — Ben Hazen.

Thank you to everyone who posted/tweeted/emailed their Steelers trees! Merry Christmas, Steelers Nation!