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It’s another Throwback Thursday

…and we’re going way back to 2015 when Benjamin Jr., even at the tender age of 2-years old – while rockin’ a mighty nice milk mustache – knew that the long, hot month of August has always been considered the “Dog” days of summer (just listen, you’ll hear it!👂).

And a hardy round of applause from Baby Baylee confirms that she knew it as well!! 👏

August is almost gone – which means FOOTBALL SEASON IS ALMOST HERE!!! Now that’s something to SING about! 🎵🎤🎶

Bring on Steelers Football! #HereWeGo

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Big Ben – back in the day

This is a Findlay High School picture we took. I was the Army High School Recruiter at the time. Ben (wearing #7, of course) had the opportunity to drive that HUMMER around the field…until Coach Hite came out and raised H***!! Lol! — Ed Treft.

Ed, thank you so much for sharing this great photo with us!!

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“Forget about the curve ball, Ricky. Give him the heater!”

Er….I mean, Benny!!

Big Ben was the man on the mound Friday night at PNC Park to throw out the first pitch for the Pirates’ YINZERPALOOZA NIGHT:

Ben brought his own team with him!

Loosening up that throwing shoulder…

Here’s the wind-up….

And the pitch….

Can we see that throw again from another angle?

Ben and his team with Pirates pitcher (and his catcher), David Bednar.

Hmmmm, MLB was watching…perhaps even a scout or two in the audience?

Post-pitch interview with the Ace on the Mound tonight:

Thank you, Pittsburgh Pirates!!

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Ben on DVE this morning

Ben was a guest during the DVE Morning Show with Randy Baumann, and used part of his call-in interview to clarify his comments to Ron Cook during that interview from July 22nd.

On Cam Heyward’s recent comments on his podcast:

Cam is right; I probably should have been more detailed and specific in what I said. I maybe should have clarified that more, that’s my bad. I was asked what the difference in the league is now from when I first got in, even when Cam first got in, the mentality of the players, the toughness. Cam is entitled to be upset, but he and I have had conversations. I know he knows what I’m talking about. It’s not like it’s new to Cam. The majority of guys on that team are very team-first guys. I get Cam supporting his teammates. I wasn’t trying to bash anybody specifically. I was making a broadstroke judgement.

One of the biggest differences in the game [now] is the toughness…There are no more two-a-days. They are trying to make the game safer, I get it. I think it’s smart. I just think the difference is from when I first came in until now is you see guys spending much more time in the training room. Where guys would tape it up and go, guys still do that to a certain extent, but it’s differences in the game.

More from his Q&A with the Morning Show:

On JuJu Smith-Schuster –

I love that guy! Great teammate, a guy who would do anything for his team, anything for the city, the Steelers. He played through so much injury, so much pain. I loved him. I know there are people who don’t know what to think and don’t like the other stuff he did, but when it came to the team. Yes, he did stuff off the field, but when it came time for football it did not get in the way. He gave every single ounce of his body, his heart and his soul to us, so I never, ever had a problem with JuJu – ever.

On Najee Harris –

Naj is a good football player and he’s going to get better, and he’s going to probably carry the load this year. He’s capable of doing that. He’s a really, really good football player. I see him, I don’t wanna […]

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From Ben

…to Ashley, with love.

11 years, 3 kids, and lots of adventures so far!

I’m looking forward to many more years, and many more adventures with my best friend.

I love you Sweetie, Happy Anniversary!! — Ben.

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Ron Cook: Ben Roethlisberger at peace in retirement as training camp goes on without him

“I did it for a long time. I know doing it for a long time doesn’t mean that you get in, but, again, you look at the wins and losses. I think I did it at a high enough level for a long enough time that I think it would be pretty cool to get in. It is a special thing. That is one special place and a special accomplishment.” — Ben.

From Mr. Cook’s interview with Big Ben this week:

Benjamin Jr. and Bodie had been dropped off at golf camp earlier in the morning. Baylee still needed a ride to swimming lessons. You don’t want to know their schedule for the weekend. If you have kids or had kids, you understand.

“These days, I’m doing a lot of driving,” Ben Roethlisberger said. “I’m a cab driver, an Uber driver, whatever you want to call it. It’s not a good time to have high gas prices.”

Roethlisberger loves every minute of it, doing all the dad things he couldn’t always do when he had a rather time-consuming job as, you know, the Steelers quarterback.

“There’s something about teaching them or doing it with them or just watching them do it that makes it so much neater, more special,” he said Wednesday morning. “A lot of times now, I forget that I even played. I’m having so much fun with them.”

The Steelers will open training camp Tuesday without Roethlisberger for the first time in 18 years. Like just about everybody else in Pittsburgh, he’s eager to see who is going to replace him. He had a relationship with Mitch Trubisky before the Steelers signed him as a free agent in March. The two had the same agent. Roethlisberger started a relationship with Kenny Pickett by calling him right after the Steelers made him their No. 1 draft choice in April. He knows all about what it’s like to be a No. 1 pick, trying to replace a Hall of Fame-caliber quarterback in Pittsburgh.

“I congratulated him and told him he doesn’t need to be me,” Roethlisberger said. “People are going to want to compare us. Even though there was a lot of distance between Terry [Bradshaw] and me, people still compared us. That’s why I told [Pickett], ‘You don’t have to be me. Don’t be […]

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