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Sunday Edition: Spending Father’s Day with Big Ben

June 16th, 2019 – Looking back on Big Ben’s final ProCamps Football Camp:

Michelle Snyder @msnyder608
Best buds at Big Ben’s ProCamp!

“We are blessed to have you, Ben. Thank you to all our Steelers for giving so much of their time, incorporating families to help others in the community.” — Mary George.

SHB- Mama to 2- Momog @MoveOverMars
Thank you dad’s and coaches volunteering your time today with 320 kids!

“The camp was an early birthday gift for my grandson, Curran. He said he had a great time. Thank you!” — Michele E Dionne.

Aidan Conrath QB 2024 @7Aidanconrath
Big Ben’s Camp! Let’s Goooooooo!

“My grandson attended. It was wonderful!” — Suzy Eazer-McCullough.

“Ben Roethlisberger high fives campers after scoring touchdown.” — Peter Diana.

Stanley Kaniecki III @StanXU96
Thanks to @ProCamps and @_BigBen7 for an awesome camp for William yesterday. He loved it!

Ryan David Padgett @RyanDavidPadge1
My 2 boys loved it

Eileen Mess @Eimess76
The Father’s Day tradition continues but this will be the last year for @messenger_shane as he moves on to High School! So sad to see it end. @ProCamps @_BigBen7 #familytradition

Heather Gray @hdot1032
Thank you @_BigBen7 for an amazing day that this guy will never forget!

Trent @Trent_Harris_
I remember when I went to that camp I caught a pass from Ben Roethlisberger. It was one of the best days ever

“Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for giving back to the community! My son Josh had an awesome time at camp!” — Kristy Conrad.

ProCamps @ProCamps
Thanks to @PizzaHut for supplying lunch to campers at the @_BigBen7 ProCamp! #NoOneOutPizzasTheHut

“Made smiles and memories for all involved today! Awesome job #7!” — Ryan A Springer.

Shannan Anderson @RFgirlshannan
HERE WE GO!!! Time to get our pro […]

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It became a Father’s Day Weekend Tradition: The Ben Roethlisberger ProCamps Football Camp

Saturday’s Edition takes us back to the 2018 Camp, one of the last camps #7 hosted!

And there’s no better way to start it off than with this great moment captured by photographer Matt Freed:

Followed by a fun video shared with us by parent Eileen Mess:

The camp parents were ON the [foot]ball today with their tweets, photographs & videos throughout Ben’s camp:

Eileen Mess @Eimess76
Annual tradition continues!! Father’s Day with Ben and family!

Remember Caleb Koehler? Well, he was there early along with his little brother, and boy, did he have his GAME FACE ON! #NoRiskNoReward

Clockwise from the top left:

Heather Zuzik @mrsz050606
Our little QB in the making had a BLAST today at @ProCamps!!! This was def an #Experience he’ll remember for a very long time!! Thank you @_BigBen7 for being so amazing and for this amazing opportunity!! 🏈

Melissa @Meli010985
He’s so excited to be here!! @ProCamps @_BigBen7 #experience

Jim Budzilek @JimBudzilek
Ready to roll! @_BigBen7

Chuck Burton @burton_coach
@_BigBen7 1st time camper from Daleville, VA #experience

Tom @trennie01
Some guys are pumped for camp this Father’s Day @_BigBen7 #herewegosteelers

Linda Phillips @wecame2believe
Luke has been planning this hair cut since knowing he’s coming to Big Ben’s Football Camp.

Time to work, but what are the kids working on? Ben explains:

Wait, let’s take these BEFORE they get all sweaty!

ProCamps @ProCamps
Team photo time at the @_BigBen7@_BigBen7 […]

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Foster: Big Ben “led with a ‘watch me play’ type of mold”

From Christopher Barbre, at SteelerNation.com:

In a recent interview with the Two Percent Podcast, Ramon Foster talked about Roethlisberger’s mindset on everything and how it translated to the gridiron.

“[Have] you ever met somebody that whether you’re playing basketball in a garbage can, ping pong, cards, throwing darts, that they just win? That was Ben [Roethlisberger]. That ability to win was huge. He led with a ‘watch me play’ type of mold, like those types of dudes. He wasn’t real rah-rah, you know, how most quarterbacks would be?”

Whether the officials are on your side or not, you have to do everything you can to win. Roethlisberger would take all kinds of extra hard hits because it took all that extra work, just to bring him to the ground. That tough mentality didn’t mean that the offensive line had an easier job; it meant the exact opposite. His lines had to grind more and work harder to make sure he didn’t end up taking an extra shot to the body.

The Steelers already have a great rah-rah guy with Mike Tomlin, so they need someone that can lead by example for that balance. Roethlisberger’s tough play and improvisational skills were the kind of attributes that the team needed to see. No play was ever truly a “dead play” to him; there was always a way to get something positive out of any situation that looked bad.

That kind of leadership and “endless grind” mentality led to Roethlisberger having 41 career fourth quarter comebacks, which is third in NFL history. The only other quarterbacks ahead of him are arguably the two greatest quarterbacks of all-time: Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. It takes a lot of leadership to routinely come back from any sort of deficit, and Roethlisberger’s leadership helped his teams get those ugly wins.

You can read more from Christopher Barbre here. You can also watch Ramon Foster’s full interview here.

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