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Lil’ Fan Friday

Check out this adorable Lil’ Ben fan!

2-1/2 year old Logan’s first haircut. Clearly, he’s a big Ben Roethlisberger fan! He said he wanted to “look like Big Ben”. — Jamie Joyce.

Logan, you absolutely do look just like Big Ben! And we sure hope you got your lollipop (just like Ben always does)!

(Shout-out to the super nice barber that cut Logan’s hair. You did a great job!)

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Feeling ‘un-centered’

“There’s something different about it. The quarterback-center relationship is unlike any other in sports. The relationship and communication you want to have with the one guy in front of you, you genuinely need him more than anything else. That’s what makes the center position so special.” — Ben on Maurkice.

From Jelani Scott, NFL.com:

The NFL bid adieu to the Pouncey brothers last week, a decision that meant the end of an era for Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers.

Given their rock solid rapport, it seemed likely that Roethlisberger and Maurkice Pouncey, teammates for 11 seasons, would one day decide to call it quits together. Instead, the veteran center elected to ride off into the sunset while Pittsburgh and the veteran QB continue to decide what’s best for the team come next season.

Continuing his career without the big fella is a harsh reality Big Ben will have to deal with should he return as expected.

“I hate to say he’s the greatest teammate and competitor I’ve ever been around, but at the end of the day that’s what it is — he’s the greatest teammate and competitor I’ve been around,” Roethlisberger said Friday, per Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “And that’s no slight to anybody else.”

The 2020 Steelers turned in one of the franchise’s best seasons in recent memory, finishing first in the AFC North with a 14-2 record. The team had high hopes heading into the postseason but ended up flaming out early against the Browns. Roethlisberger and Pouncey, perhaps sensing their run was coming to an end, shared a heart-to-heart moment on the bench following the wild-card loss.

“I’m sorry, brother. You’re the only reason I wanted to do this, man,” an emotional Big Ben told Pouncey. “Oh, I feel worse for you than me. I hate it, man.”

In addition to telling Dulac that he’s “still processing” Pouncey’s departure, Roethlisberger shared that the type of on-field relationship the tandem had is among the strongest you’ll find between a pair of athletes anywhere.

“I’d love to ask other quarterbacks who have played with one guy for a long time how close they were with their center,” he said. “I’m sure they’d say he’s one of their best friends.”

You can read more here.

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Lil’ Fan Friday

Seeing double is a good thing when it comes to Steelers fans, especially when they’re THIS cute!

Aletta and Adelyn don’t care that the colors on the field this weekend aren’t Black & Gold…they’ll still be wearing theirs! (Photo: Codie Gioia)

“Watt time is it? Why it’s ALWAYS T.J. WATT time!!!!” — Evie. (Photo: Megan)

Santana is hoping to be drafted by the Steelers in the future as an offensive lineman. (Photo: Candi Callaway)

3-year old Violet and her 1-year old sister, Amelia told mom that they’re going to sit right here until Steelers training camp starts! (Photo: Alex Fisher)

“You say there’s a big game this weekend? Whatevs…I’ll be napping!” — Katherine. (Photo: John Spencer II)

Hey! Wait just a dog gone minute!! How did this little fur baby sneak in here??

“No tail wagging, no tongue out, no panting…just act cool and cute and maybe they won’t notice that I’m not a human lil’ fan. — Lord Bentley of Lowman. (Photo: Lee Ann Lowman)

“As Ben’s favorite poem says, ‘So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit, it’s when things seem worst that you must not quit’…and it never hurts to go into the fight with cool mittens on that look like baby boxing gloves!” — Emmett. (Photo: Alyssa Arias)

“While she doesn’t have a Ben jersey yet, 10-year old Ali is a big Steelers fan! She yells at the TV just as much as us adults.” — Lauren.

“Aunt Melanie, can we just swing by Mr. Ben’s house real quick so I can say ‘Hi’ and maybe play with Bodie for a few minutes?” — Axell. (Photo: Melanie)

“Here’s our little Steeler fan Carter with his Steeler elf, Steeler pajamas and Steeler binky.” — Katie Shinabarker.

So now the cat’s out of the bag…and in the Steelers blanket!!

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