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Follow Ben for the day leading up to the Steelers win over the Detroit Lions in week 3 of the 2021 preseason.

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Hey Steeler Nation…

are you ready for Sunday?

“Steelers practice at UPMC Rooney Sports Complex Friday as they prepare for their season opener at Buffalo.” — Photographer Matt Freed.


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Wednesday’s Q&A with the media

“We all feel bad for T.J. Everyone knows how bad he wants to be out there. He was here every single day and he didn’t need to be, working, busting his butt. He should get taken care of…He needs to get paid. He deserves every penny that he wants and asks for. TJ Watt is THAT guy!” — Ben, on T.J. Watt’s contract negotiations.

From Teresa Varley, Steelers.com:

The Steelers will start two rookie offensive linemen on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, with Kendrick Green at center and Dan Moore Jr. at left tackle.

What they might lack in experience making their first NFL start, they have in the backing and encouragement from their quarterback, something that can be just as valuable.

Ben Roethlisberger said he knows Green and Moore are coming in with the right approach. There might be growing pains along the way, but the one thing he is sure of is there won’t be a lack of effort.

“It’s not like they’re perfect or they don’t make mistakes, but I think when they do make mistakes you can see how much it burns at them. It bothers them when they make a mistake. I think that’s a sign of a professional. It’s a sign of a man that takes pride in his work. And I’ve seen that from those guys. They’re both going to be exceptional football players.

“Like anything, there’s going to be growing pains. We’re all going to experience them. Even someone in their 18th season. The key is, do we learn from those growing pains? How often do those pains come and do we learn from the one time?

“So, I’m excited for them. I think they’re nervous and excited. They have a passion for this game and this team, and you can see it already. You can see those two bleed black and gold. It will be fun for them to get out there.”

Moore will have the daunting task of protecting Roethlisberger’s blind side, something Roethlisberger was comfortable with having Alejandro Villanueva do in the past. And while he will miss those on the line who are gone, like Villanueva, Maurkice Pouncey and David DeCastro, he has confidence in those who are now taking on the challenge.

“I miss all those guys up front, obviously, but I have to have […]

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The tradition continues….

The 7’s on September 7th!

“The 2021 photo represents 10 years of tradition. We started to have the 7’s photo in 2012.” — Roger Saucedo,
Regios de Acero.

And we’ve covered all of them:










It’s ALWAYS Steelers Mexico Time!!!

Also Today:

Bryan DeArdo from CBS Sports gives a detailed breakdown of Ben’s years with the Steelers.

Ranking each of Ben Roethlisberger’s 17 seasons with the Steelers

Do you agree with his rankings?

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