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The NFL season is just around the corner

…and so is Christmas!🎄😉

A book that may be of interest to Steelers fans (and football fans in general) –

‘First Down Devotions’ by Del Duduit:

“Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the spiritual lives of pro football’s top athletes. Recounting their struggles and successes both on and off the field, Ben Roethlisberger, Adam Vinatieri, Kurt Warner, Vinny Rey and many others explain how faith in God can help you tackle life’s challenges. Foreword by Atlanta Falcons safety William White.”

Available on Amazon.

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Big Ben livin’ his best life

…with two of his best friends!

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“Had a great weekend hanging out with these two Hall of Famers shooting some skeet and raising money for Hunter’s Hope and all the kids that @jimkelly1212‘s foundation supports. Love these two guys.” — Merril Hoge, via Instragram.

“Continual success demands a versatile toolkit. Just as a mountaineer tests their tools on various peaks, so must we challenge our skills across different landscapes. Embrace the journey of growth, for in stagnation, even past victories can become losses.” — Merril Hoge, via Facebook.

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