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It’s another Fan Friday

With our friend, Logan Lamour:

Logan also showed off the pair of Nike’s autographed & given to him by Ben:

But Ben also wanted to add a “thank you” message:

Logan and Justin, all the guys loved and appreciated the way you turned that field into “Heinz Field South”! So amazing. We loved being able to get good work in. Thank you both for the hard work that you put into it! — Ben.

And then there was this “other fan” who showed up in Pittsburgh today:

Garth Brooks: ‘I’m in love with Ben Roethlisberger’

“I’m in love with Ben Roethlisberger,” Brooks said in front of a backdrop advertising his Legacy tour, sporting a Pirates hat, a Life is Good sweatshirt, jeans and bright-tan Nike boots. “He’s my guy. Any time I get down, I look in the mirror and say, ‘I am Ben Roethlisberger.’

“Ben always told me the difference between this city and others is that they expect you to get up here,” Brooks said. “If you get knocked on your [ass], you’re in the game, which means you’re living. You’re getting to tour at 100 years old, you’re getting to come back after raising your babies, you thought your career was over and these people show up like this, you get up. You get out and you get in the game.

“I think that’s why I like Ben. I like the people here. They’re the people I want to be.”

Brooks and Roethlisberger apparently text regularly, and No. 7 is actually Brooks’ favorite number, too. “To see a Steelers player wearing No. 7, and it turned out to be Big Ben, it just makes me love him more.”

You can read more here.

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Growing Pains

Bodie is just two weeks shy of his 3rd birthday, but he’s already finding out that sometimes growing up is hard to do!

Even though he’s been in his “big boy” bed for months now, Bodie was having a seriously hard time with Dad “breaking” his crib yesterday! I think Mom was crying just as hard taking the picture! — Ben.

Hey Bodie, it’s okay buddy! Big boy beds are way better, you’ll see! And we sure do love the cool tributes to both of your grandpas college baseball careers on your wall (Pops’ at Georgia Tech and Pappy’s at Nyack)!!

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Our Mother’s Day message!

“We want to send a very Happy Mother’s Day to our amazing Mommy. She’s the best ever, and we love her so much. And we also want to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there, especially our Grandma and Nana. We hope everyone has a great day.” — Benjamin Jr., Baylee & Bodie.

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Hey Steeler Nation!

We’re working on a new look for the site, so we ask for your patience!

Thank you to Nathan, from Blue Avenue Media for his hard work in giving us a much-needed upgrade and update!

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It’s a Fan Friday!

And these Big Ben fans are showing their support from across the pond in Portchester, United Kingdom!!


“SteelerNationUK ‘reppin our star quarterback on the south coast of England. With a castle in the background that orginated in Roman times, Josephine and Jasper join in the support for our modern day hero.” — Gordon Dedman.


And across the U.S. of A:

It’s that time of year again for the 2nd Annual Steel Pride Family Picnic in Southern California.


When: Saturday, May 18, 2019 from 10:00am to 5:00pm

Where: 11075 Toothill Blvd, Lake View Terrace, CA


“Steelers fans, bring your kids, your neighbors, your canopy, your grill, your table & chairs or picnic blanket and enjoy the day with us!” — Javier Ramos.


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