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SPRING, 2019: Check out that brunch on (then) 3-year old Bodie’s plate!!

And by the smile on his adorable face, and the grip on that fork – he was ready to chow down!

Future offensive lineman???

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Throwback Thursday

November 30, 2008: Ben showing the O-line that Ocho Cinco wasn’t the only one with some serious on-the-field dance moves! #Riverdance

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Speaking of Ben…

“Coming back and knowing that I would have Ben back for one more year. I’m going to take my chance and play with Ben…with me, it was staying home, staying loyal. We have a new OC, Ben’s coming back. My relationship with my wide receiver’s coach, Ike Hilliard, is amazing. So you can’t beat that!

“He called me multiple times. We exchanged texts. You know [he’d say] pretty much like, ‘Hey man, whatever you do, before you sign it, call me, let me know.’ And I always told him before I signed anywhere, do anything, I would call him and let him know. And multiple times I would call him and say, ‘Hey Ben, this is what I’m thinking, this is the best option for me’. And we talked about it – we weighed the pros & cons of both sides, and obviously being home with the Steelers is the best. It’s ideal for me. Having Ben back healthy, having me back healthy and just having the team that we have.”— JuJu on Ben, during his recent interview on Michael Irvin’s podcast.

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Steelers Nation Spotlight

…on our friend, Adam Mahr, who makes custom wood burning masterpieces:

“I did not begin wood burning until April, 2020 during the stay-at-home orders issued Nationwide. I had seen wood burning art of animals online and thought I would give it a try. I had been artistic growing up, but never did any art with wood. When I bought the first piece of wood and materials I never would’ve imagined it would become a business someday.

I began making ocean-themed pieces because I am an avid scuba diver and was finishing up a degree in marine biology. I wanted to challenge myself and try to do a portrait. My first sports piece was of one of Kobe Bryant’s iconic poses. Sports figures became popular among my following on social media and I began to make more and more for those that requested them. I was lucky enough to do some work for a few professional athletes that shared my art on their social media pages which helped me gain a larger following and led to more commissions.

I got to a point where I needed to make it into a business and officially formed Adam Mahr Art, LLC. As of now I am working on my art full time out of St. Petersburg, Florida.

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, so anytime I get the chance to do a Pittsburgh themed piece I always get excited. I already knew Steelers fans were the best, but I get to see it firsthand every time I post a new Steelers piece. Everyone is so supportive and they love sharing it with fellow fans. There’s no need to pay for advertising when you have Steelers Nation!

One thing I really enjoy about custom work is that just about every piece I do is something different which keeps it exciting. I look forward to what the future holds and hope I can keep spreading a unique form of art to people.” — Adam.

Adam, thank you for sharing your amazing Steelers art with us!

You can see more of Adam’s work on Instagram (adammahrart), Facebook & Twitter (@adam_mahr).

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Hopping down the bunny trail….

with Benjamin Jr., Baylee & Bodie!

We’ll start with 2018 (2019 is our Picture of the Month):

Before the Easter egg hunt…and after!!

Time for church service.

Easter Weekend, 2017:

We’re coloring eggs outside & getting ready for Easter. — Benjamin & Baylee.

Hey? What about me? — Bodie.

Easter Sunday, 2017:

And now we’re heading to church! — Benjamin & Baylee.

Easter, 2016:

Gosh, what a fun morning! One minute I’m getting ready for church, and the next my brother is yelling that the Easter Bunny came last night!! I was so excited I only got my Easter hat on before I ran downstairs, heehee. Woodstock is definitely my most favorite Easter gift! Daddy, hurry and take my picture – I have to finish gettin’ ready! — Baylee.

Easter, 2015: At Church on Easter Sunday morning with a happy Benjamin Jr. and a very sleepy Baylee!

Easter, 2014:

Hoping everyone had a Happy Easter & a Blessed day! – Ben, Ashley, Benjamin Jr. & Baylee.

Uh…Halloween, 2014?

Yeah, okay!! I know it’s actually her first Halloween costume, but you can’t have a Lil’ bergers Easter post without Baylee the Bunny in here somewhere!! It just wouldn’t be right!🐰

Easter, 2013:

Man, I hope this picture of me doesn’t end up on NFL Network some day when I’m playing professional football!!! — Benjamin, Jr.

Thanks for hopping down memory lane with us! Happy Easter to you and your family!

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