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#19: First a touchdown

…then a hug for #7!

After the game, Big Ben and Ryan Fitzpatrick are clearly comparing their beards to Brett Keisel’s!

Ed Thompson @ThompsonFoto12
@NFL Pittsburgh @steelers injured QB @_BigBen7 and @MiamiDolphins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick share a private thought and conversation at the 50 tonight following the Steelers come from behind win. #NFL #Steelers

Final Score: Steelers 27, Dolphins 14

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Congratulations to Brett Keisel!

“Keisel is one of the most caring, giving human beings you will ever come across and that is why it came as no surprise he was the recipient of the Andy and Cindy Russell Humanitarian Award, presented on Thursday night at the UPMC Celebrity Classic.” — Teresa Varley.

More from Ms. Varley on this much deserved award:

If you know Brett Keisel, or even have met him once, there is something you immediately notice.

And no, I am not talking about his amazing beard.

I am talking about his heart.

The award, named after the former Steelers linebacker and his wife, has been given the last three years to someone who has made a huge impact on the Pittsburgh community. Late Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney was the first recipient and Rocky Bleier the second.

“It’s pretty surreal,” said Keisel, who owns Mighty Oak Adventures. “My kids were asking me what this is for. I told them it’s about giving back to the community. To see the men who won it in front of me, Mr. Rooney and Rocky, it’s a tremendous honor to be mentioned with those guys and what they have done for this city. I am honored to be here. It’s a special night.”

Steelers President Art Rooney II was on hand to present Keisel with the honor, something that was special for him.

“Brett is one of those guys who has done so much off the field for so long it’s hard to keep track of everything,” said Rooney. “His ‘Shear Da Beard’ event for Children’s Hospital has become a legendary event in town. I am happy to be a part of this and honored to present him the Andy and Cindy Russell Humanitarian Award.”

You can read the rest here.

Photo: Brett Keisel’s Official Website

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Throwback Thursday – Black and Ghoul style!

Wait, make that Black & Gold style!

With Halloween next Thursday we thought it might be fun today to revisit our favorite Halloween costumes that Steelers Nation shared with us over the years:


Ben poses with…er…I mean Ben look-a-like David Helmontaller (left) poses with a buddy from work dressed as a recipient of a Ben Roethlisberger Foundation grant (okay, not really), and Ben look-a-like John McFarland (right) poses with his buddy, Sadiq Hough, dressed as Coach Tomlin.


The Poulter’s are ready to hit the field…or rather the neighborhood! Left to right: 1-year old Lily is a cheerleader, Alexis as a referee, Mike is a coach (kinda looks like Coach Arians), and 10-year old Sean as his favorite player, Troy Polamalu.


Kendall Cawthorn heads out to do some Trick or Treating wearing her football hero’s jersey while being escorted by her every day hero, her dad Steve.


Left: Cynthia Filmore as Coach Tomlin and her boyfriend, Michael, as the best TE in the business! Right: Michelle Stiehler as Troy, and her husband, Al, as the EXTRA-LARGE bottle of Head & Shoulders shampoo!


Two pedigree K9s ready for a grant from the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation before heading to a police department in need. Photo: Jessica Duffaut.

Ryan and Kayla Dinkheller as Troy and a very friendly referee!

The center photo came to us simply as “Mr. & Mrs. Troy”. Alrighty then.

That’s Don & Paula Scholl in their Steelers best (Don, really?) attending a Halloween party.


“Took the Terrible Towel to Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania, Romania just to get some ‘bad karma’ on all teams not the Steelers.” — Ken Knecht‎.


“Our 3-year old daughter, Madilyn, trick or treating as her favorite football player. We are from Royal Oak, MI.” — Megan Modica.


When he’s not looking exactly like Coach Tomlin, he’s Jayden White from Colombia, Maryland. Photo: Steelers Nation West.

“Our son, Beck, as Coach Mike Tomlin.” — […]

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Congratulations to James Conner!

He was selected as the Steelers “2019 Ed Block Courage Award” recipient!

From Teresa Varley, at Steelers.com:

‘Conner Strong’

Those two words are emblazoned on James Conner’s arms, one on the right, one on the left.

For those that don’t know his story, they simply might think it’s a description of how he attacks every play, every carry he makes as the Steelers’ starting running back.

But those two words mean so much more.

Because ‘Conner Strong’ is a mindset, one that got him through the toughest time in his life.

And it is that strength that earned Conner the Steelers 2019 Ed Block Courage Award, an award he will receive at the Annual Art Rooney Courage House Luncheon on Nov. 5 at Heinz Field, which benefits Holy Family Institute. The award is voted on by his teammates and given to a player who has shown courage either coming back from an injury or a life-altering situation.

“It’s an honor first and foremost to be recognized, but especially by my teammates, the ones I am with every day,” said Conner. “They are the ones I go to practice with, compete on the field, essentially go to war with. For my teammates to vote for me shows the mutual respect we have for one another and it’s such an honor to win this.”

In Conner’s situation, it was definitely a life-altering situation that had his teammates voting for him.

You can read more here.

Speaking of James….

He is very happy when Big Ben is at practice –

“Yeah I love it when he’s back. Just catching up with him, happy to see he’s in good spirits. It’s like connecting with an old friend.” — James to the media today.

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Bye Week Blues?

Not for these Steelers fans, but they sure are missing #7!!

Lydia Wroth @LydiaWroth
Always rocking @_BigBen7 on game day, at home or @heinzfield!

Long time fan & follower Juuly D’Cena is always representin’ in her Big Ben jersey!!

Jeff_SteelDreems7 @JeffDarone
Always rockin the @_BigBen7 jersey!

Rick Holman FHOF’19 @RHolmanII
@_BigBen7 Always got the whole family covered! #HereWeGo

Even on his birthday:

davidK786 @davidK786
Hey @_BigBen7 I’m celebrating my birthday today in style with my Ben Roethlisberger jersey. #Steelers #HereWeGo

Don’t cry Steffi, Big Ben will be back!

Steffi @SteffiAyG
I’m not crying, you’re crying. #HereWeGo
@steelers @heinzfield @_BigBen7

Let’s paws for a moment to welcome a new Steelers fan named, “Benny”!

Mike Flores @mikeflores16
@_BigBen7 our newest addition, named after yours truly, hope you like!

These fans even take their Big Ben jerseys & Steelers gear on vacation!!

Ara @Saleenara
@_BigBen7 Representing our 🐐 at one of the “7” wonders of the world, Petra in the country of Jordan.

AVJ411 @AJ_Steeler4Life
Steeler Nation represented in Lima, Peru! @steelers @_BigBen7

Laura Lorena Gonzale @LadyGG07
Always steelers!! @acereros @SteelersUnite @steelers @_BigBen7

Thank you to everyone who shared their great photos with us!!

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“A lot of fans view these men as sports figures and that’s it — just a sports figure

…but they’re also humans that go through things that everyone goes through, and so do their families. Not only did I want to let people know what I was going through, I wanted to say: It’s OK to be scared, regardless of your situation.” — Kelly Stafford.

From ESPN.com: Kelly Stafford’s recovery from brain tumor – ‘My biggest fear is not being here’

Editor’s note: Kelly Stafford, who is the wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, had a tumor removed from her brain in April. Below is her first-person account of the experience.

The first moment I was really concerned was last January. I was in Michigan, and had just gotten a massage. When I walked out, I just didn’t feel right. I was lightheaded and it felt like the world was spinning around me. I texted Matthew: “I might need you to come pick me up.” But then I waited a little bit in my car, and started feeling better, so I drove home myself.

A week later, it happened again. This time, I was holding our daughter, Hunter, who was just an infant. The room started spinning around me and I felt like I was going to fall down. I almost threw Hunter to Matthew, because I didn’t want her to go down with me.

Matthew was obviously concerned. “We can’t have this keep happening,” he said. “We need to get you checked out.” He figured I might be dealing with vertigo.

Looking back, there were other moments over the past year where I was feeling “off.” Like when I would show my girls how to do a front roll or twirl in ballet class, then immediately felt dizzy, or like I couldn’t balance. I mean, those were things I had done my entire life, and suddenly they were difficult. Maybe I’m just aging, I had figured at the time. My mom quickly shot that down. I wasn’t even 30.

But you know how things go. Matthew and I have three girls under the age of 2. I had my hands full. As a mom, you’re always on the run. You’re chasing after your kids or worrying about your family. You tend to put yourself on the back burner. So I didn’t feel the urgency to go to the doctor.

The day I almost […]

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