LeeAnn Lowman from SteelerNation.com shares Heath Miller’s interview this week with KDKA Sports Director, Bob Pompeani. Here are some highlights from her report:

Pompeani told Miller that Roethlisberger always credits him with being the player he feels most comfortable with. He said when he needed a play to be made, he dialed up Miller. Miller agreed their bond is special:

“Well we are only a year apart, he was drafted before me. I was fortunate, not many guys can say they played their whole career, for me that was 11 years, with one Hall of Fame quarterback.”

Miller said playing with Roethlisberger was like being in the backyard as a kid. Pompeani mentioned how much Roethlisberger likes to move around, pump fake and work off-script:

“He could trust me in that way. As someone who’s an intended receiver or someone running that route, you just keep going. I feel like my job was easy, I would just get open and he would find me thereā€”no set rules.”

Pompeani asked Miller about Roethlisberger and his toughness. Miller said he had a story to share:

“We’re in Baltimore in the huddle and I think Haloti Ngata had sacked him earlier in the game or maybe even the play before. We had a timeout and he comes back into the huddle and I’m standing like this, across from him in the huddle, it’s usually loud in Baltimore so I’m locked in on his face to see his mouth moving. I see his nose and it’s going like this (makes a zig-zag motion on his face with his finger). My reaction was like, ‘Oh!’ I don’t even think I remembered the play and I had to ask someone else what the play was again. He said he didn’t know his nose was that messed up until he looked in the mirror at halftime.

“I know he continued that game and we ended up winning that game. That’s just a little snippet that explains how tough he was.”

Roethlisberger and Miller formed more than just a working relationship, they became close friends:

“I think it’s probably something where we’ve played 11 years together, we’ve been through different seasons of life, we’ve seen each other go through different seasons of life and so I think those experiences are just a natural bond for people. We’ve seen each other in good times and bad times. For me, on my end, I always just tried to be a consistent place for him and you know, he was the same for me.”

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