Ben was in the studio and on the air in his regular time slot this morning at 11:00 AM as part of 93.7 The Fan’s Vinnie & Cook Show.

“We’re getting better every week,” he says. “And that’s the key. You find a way to win games when you need. Even when you’re not playing your best, you find a way to win. That’s what we didn’t do early on, but we’ve done that the last two weeks. I hope we just keep getting better, truthfully.” — Ben

Some highlights:

1102213_newsNot only has the offense gained traction, it has also shown an ability to adapt to opposing defenses. Ben says it’s no accident.

“We are on the same page, but what’s different this year is the ability and the willingness to be open to change,” he says. “By all of us. To me, that is the biggest difference and the biggest change. It’s the willingness to hear things and to change them. Not to just say, ‘OK, yeah, I hear you’ and not actually change it.”

Overall, Ben is pleased with the results over the past two games.

The Steelers will face the Oakland Raiders this week without running back Isaac Redman, who was released on Monday.

“We hate to lose a brother and a teammate,” Ben says. “The guy’s been around for such a long time. It was a shock to me. He’s a good player, a good teammate, hard worker. If his health is good, I would bet that he’d be back in the league.”

For Ben’s thoughts on the offensive line, the Wildcat package, the red-zone struggles, and the lengths the NFL is going to preventconcussions, check out the entire interview here!

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