It started with a video message from Big Ben and Christian musician, Micah Tyler on September 24th:

I am so honored to team up with ‘Big Ben’ Roethlisberger to tackle a great cause!

When Ben wore my ‘Different’ shirt to training camp a few weeks ago and it caused so much attention, we knew we should take the opportunity to shine a light on something way bigger than a T-shirt. Honored to partner with Light of Life Rescue Mission, who has been on the ground making a huge difference in the lives of homeless citizens in Pittsburgh for a years.

For every shirt we sell, two meals are being donated to Light of Life Rescue Mission! — Micah Tyler.

And now Steelers Nation is doing their part to tackle this great cause with Ben & Micah…

“Everyday, I say this out loud: ‘I want to make a difference. Doing something that makes a difference. At a time that makes a difference. With people that are making a difference.’

It’s a daily reminder of why I am on this planet and what my priorities should be. The message behind this shirt is that we are all different people capable of making a difference in our own different ways. What makes you different? How can you uniquely make a difference in the world? Don’t underestimate your ability to make a difference! The average person who does nothing intentionally with their lives will still impact 10,000 people in their lifetime. Imagine what you could do if you intentionally made a difference in the lives of others on a daily basis? There is no limit on the difference you could make! The greatest way to make a difference with your life is to follow God, become who He created you to be and to do what He’s called you to do. As a reminder, when you get one of these Different shirts, Micah Tyler and Ben Roethlisberger – will donate two meals to someone in need at Light of Life Rescue Mission. Go make a difference today!” — Doug Smith via Facebook.

“Rockin’ her new shirt for gameday💛🖤 Full circle fan story: She’s been raised a Steelers fan, she loves Micah Tyler (got to meet him in 2019) & is just living her life different for Jesus ✝️.” — Tiffany McDonald, proud mom.

Jeron Smith @jeronsmith23

@MicahTylerMusic @_BigBen7 Just got my DIFFERENT shirt. Great product, Better reason!!

“Kyle isn’t only a Ben fan and Steelers fan, he is also a Ninja Warrior. As things shut down in 2020, he took a different approach and challenged himself to beat the obstacles in his new backyard Ninja Warrior course. From breaks between classes during virtual school and now after school, his determination has shown how to challenge himself and how he can use the same mental skills in everything he does. Much like Ben, he is using a different approach and attitude in life knowing that it can make a difference and he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to.” — Tara, proud mom.

Ted Webb @tmwjr7

@MicahTylerMusic: Me and @_BigBen7 twinning! Got my t-shirt today, really like what it represents and the difference you guys are trying to make in the community #Different

“If Ben supports Micah, then I support Micah, because I support Ben! And who wouldn’t want to support such a great cause?!” — Jesse Marie.

Stephanie Delano proudly showed off two new “DIFFERENT” shirts on Micah’s Facebook page!

And from the man himself:

Micah Tyler @MicahTylerMusic

Got this [pic] from my brother today. Love how a shirt can open up conversations, give opportunities to share the Gospel, and also send 2 meals to @lightoflife to feed homeless citizens in Pittsburgh! Join @_BigBen7 and I & make a difference with us today!

More from Micah:

“Said he had several people stop and ask him what it meant. He got to share the Gospel. Said he felt like Big Ben for the day! LOL!”

You can order your shirt at

You can watch Micah’s music video for “Different” here.

Thank you Steelers Nation! Have a Blessed weekend! #HereWeGo