…on a beautiful Easter Sunday!

Oh my goodness! Look what the Easter Bunny brought us! We came downstairs this morning and there were big baskets with our names on ’em. We got cute Easter cards, books, play packs, and a little bit of candy. I got a stuffed Snoopy in my basket, and Baylee got Woodstock in hers, how funny is that? He knew how much we love Snoopy & Woodstock! — Benjamin, Jr.


Gosh, what a fun morning! One minute I’m getting ready for church, and the next my brother is yelling that the Easter Bunny came last night!! I was so excited I only got my Easter hat on before I ran downstairs, heehee. Woodstock is definitely my most favorite Easter gift! Daddy, hurry and take my picture – I have to finish gettin’ ready! — Baylee.


Happy Easter Everyone!! — Ben, Ashley, Benjamin Jr. & Baylee.