While enjoying some vacation time in VA Beach this week, Ben, with his wife Ashley and their friends, stopped by Flip Flops Restaurant one evening for a little dinner…and a little informal Meet & Greet with both employees and diners!

He also gave the thumbs-up to one of the restaurant’s most famous dishes:

According to Mandy Banks, who served Ben and his party, he heartily approved of their BBQ Fish Tacos that were featured on the popular Food Network show, Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives.

Mandy said she didn’t even realize it was Ben that she was waiting on until she was telling him and his party about the specials on the menu:

“He was awesome to serve, and he, his wife, and their friends were so down-to-earth and such wonderful people. He was very cool and understanding because Flip Flops gets super busy, especially in the summer time and we were really busy that night. I actually met him a few years ago in the Bahamas when I was there working during Michael Jordan’s celebrity golf tournament. He was just as down to earth and personable then too!” — Mandy Banks

Ben then stopped on his way out to pose with Flip Flops owner Kris Thurbon and his children, Max and Aubrey:

“Ben was a super nice guy & Kris was thrilled to have him stop by for dinner. He appreciated Ben taking time out to take photos with everyone. It was a great night for us!” — Camy Thurbon

Big Ben was also a big hit at Buffalo Wild Wings while at the beach:

“Ben was a class act. I asked him for a picture and he did not hesitate at all! He got right up and took a picture with me and my buddy, Doug Tojeiro. Ben was not looking for any attention or anything – he was just like a regular person in Buffalo Wild Wings. I also wished him the best of luck this upcoming season. Stand up guy, he was a down to earth person. Mad respect to him and I hope he has a good season. Thank you so much!” — Joey Augustine

*Thank you to Steeler Nation, VA Beach for sharing your photos!

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