How is homeschooling going?

“You know, it’s crazy because … we kind of live out in the country a little bit. So out here, you don’t really notice much difference, right? Other than the kids are always here. We love the kids and stuff, but it’s definitely a newfound respect for teachers. It’s not easy doing, literally trying to put together the curriculum and all this stuff that we have to do. You have to team up, right? We tap out every once in a while. Like, Mom’s like, ‘I need to tap out,’ or I’ll be like, ‘Hey, I need to tap out, give me 30, 45 minutes to kind of just unwind.’ So homeschooling and all that stuff is a challenge, but it’s brought us closer together.”

So what’s Dad in charge of during the home schooling day?

“I’m usually in charge of activities like Gym and Recess…Weather.”

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