From Steelers Takeaways exclusive interview with former Steelers WR Eli Rogers:

What are some of the best off-field memories you have of your time in Pittsburgh?

“One recent memory was the opportunity to go to Ben’s house and experience his life an spend time with him. To bond and connect with him as a person. We shared some good times and talks – I’m very thankful for that memory. That always stays in the center of my mind.”

What about that time impacted you so much?

“Just from where I came from – I had my dreams of success. To be able to hang out with a Hall of Fame quarterback – to see how he lived and spend time at his beach house with his family – just seeing where he is in his life. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be able to do that with someone of his caliber. It holds a great magnitude of importance to me.”

Any off-field memories that stand out?

“One memory that I’m sure many Steelers fans remember. It was a Christmas night game versus the Ravens. It was the last drive and we were going no-huddle. Ben hit some guys downfield and we were driving. It was third and 12 and Ben rolled to his right and I made a great catch for the first down. I came across the middle as he was rolling out and he threw it in an area where I could make a catch and I made a great catch. That memory stands out for me.”

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