In March, Kevin (KJC Custom Sports Figures) made an incredible 3-figure “Big Ben – Threw the Years” display for the man himself (Yes, “threw” the years!).

Now he’s created a special piece as a tribute to all the work Ben does with his foundation:


“In honor of Big Ben and The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation: Ben with a German Shephard K9 officer! ‪Thank you for what you do Ben!!” — Kevin.

You can see a larger, close-up version of the collage here.

*Thank you so much for sharing with us again, Kevin!

And check out this Lil’ Fan:

Young Isaiah Raciti decided that he just can’t wait for the season to start to wear his #7 jersey, so it has become his Spring attire! His mom Murielle is wondering if she’ll be able to get it off of him long enough to put it in the washer?!

*Thank you for the photos, Murielle (and good luck)!