We have it on good authority that the official colors of the 2014 Polar Vortex are Black & Gold, and the official snowman is Big Ben:

From left to right:

Enjoying the SC winter storm as Steelers fans! — Jeff Sprowls @jeffsprowls

Enjoying the snow down in Carolina! — Bryan @Bryans_A_Baller

Showing some Steeler Nation love in the snow from the Deep South!!! — John Thomas @jothomas32

We have the newest and cutest Steeler fans making their first appearances:

From left to right:

Steelers babies Laynce Atherton, Logan Fanzo, Cooper Taylor, & Makalya Michaels all dreaming of future Super Bowl wins!

And we have more Lil’ Fans; a Lil’ Teammate; a few big fans, including one young man reppin’ his team in Peru, and some proud Steeler Nation parents…and last but not least, we have a Yorkipoo puppy in a hoodie named “Benny“!

*Once again, thank you to everyone who shared their photos!