Golfing with Ben

Makes fellow golfers very happy…

The Maverick‏ @markanthonyspo1
Got to golf at the opening of Shepherd Rock @Nemacolin with @_BigBen7 today. Great guy, he is first class and the course was nice too.

Their families very jealous…

JHMortar‏ @jodyhaid
@_BigBen7 still my FAVORITE player, with my 2 no longer favorite cousins.

Nick Hall‏ @32knick82
Dad: “I’m golfing with Ben Roethlisberger today.”

Me: “Oh that’s…..wait, what the he– did you just say?”

Emily Brensinger‏ @EmBrensinger
When your parents are at a conference at @Nemacolin and run into @_BigBen7 & @bkeisel99. #ShepherdsRock #jealous

And one pro golfer demanding a rematch!

Steve Wheatcroft‏ @wheatiePGA
Note to self: never give 10 shots to a 5 hdcp & let him play the whites. Nice playing @_BigBen7! Looking forward to getting my $$ back soon!

Hope you’re enjoying your summer, Steeler Nation!

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