just take a deep breath, and then take a moment to appreciate the ‘burgh with Dave.

“Holy cow. I don’t know where to start from this morning. I wasn’t sure if there would be much of a sunrise, but when I saw some color starting to creep into the sky, I knew that I was wrong. And I was never so happy to be wrong.

I decided to save time and just head to the incline, and what a view it was. Pinks, purples, reds, oranges, you name it; this was a sunrise to remember. I have so many shots to share, from ones with the incline before and after the sun came up, long exposures, close shots of the city. This was a fun one.

I’ll start with this view from the incline, and one that I dragged the shutter just slightly. I wanted to blur the incline to give a sense of movement to the scene, and that sky was just perfect. You’ll see more with the incline ‘frozen’ in place, so look out for those soon.

What a way to start the day.” Dave DiCello.