with Benjamin Jr., Baylee & Bodie!

We’ll start with 2018 (2019 is our Picture of the Month):

Before the Easter egg hunt…and after!!

Time for church service.

Easter Weekend, 2017:

We’re coloring eggs outside & getting ready for Easter. — Benjamin & Baylee.

Hey? What about me? — Bodie.

Easter Sunday, 2017:

And now we’re heading to church! — Benjamin & Baylee.

Easter, 2016:

Gosh, what a fun morning! One minute I’m getting ready for church, and the next my brother is yelling that the Easter Bunny came last night!! I was so excited I only got my Easter hat on before I ran downstairs, heehee. Woodstock is definitely my most favorite Easter gift! Daddy, hurry and take my picture – I have to finish gettin’ ready! — Baylee.

Easter, 2015: At Church on Easter Sunday morning with a happy Benjamin Jr. and a very sleepy Baylee!

Easter, 2014:

Hoping everyone had a Happy Easter & a Blessed day! – Ben, Ashley, Benjamin Jr. & Baylee.

Uh…Halloween, 2014?

Yeah, okay!! I know it’s actually her first Halloween costume, but you can’t have a Lil’ bergers Easter post without Baylee the Bunny in here somewhere!! It just wouldn’t be right!🐰

Easter, 2013:

Man, I hope this picture of me doesn’t end up on NFL Network some day when I’m playing professional football!!! — Benjamin, Jr.

Thanks for hopping down memory lane with us! Happy Easter to you and your family!