Ignite Men’s Impact Weekend

Ben was one of the speakers last night in Lynchburg, VA at this event, “where men, God, life and the outdoors come together“.

After giving his testimony to the more than 7,000 in attendance, who will now enjoy two more days of workshops and exhibits, some took a moment to tweet and post their thanks to Ben for sharing his message –

Nick“I’m at the event Ben was great with humility and grace. He has really grown on the Lord and his heart is tender. Thanks Ben!” — Robert Ellenberger.

“Great Job at Ignite Men’s Impact last night. Great to hear Big Ben open up about his faith and family!” — Chris Hrabosky.

Charlie Elkins‏ @chuck_elkins
@_BigBen7 your presence tonight was amazing! I prayed for you brother! I wish you the best in your journey!

“Ben ended the evening by asking for our prayers, noting that he is far from perfect, and daily seeks the Lord for help. You got it, Ben.” — Nick Bonnett. (Photo)

“I’m at the event Ben was great with humility and grace. He has really grown on the Lord and his heart is tender. Thanks Ben.” — Robert Ellenberger.

Travis Spencer @87Gronk
Thank you @_BigBen7 for telling your story.

“I had the blessing of hearing you in Lynchburg tonight. It’s great to see you share your joys and struggles with others. We all face them and you certainly have our prayers as you strive to be a Godly husband and father. When my son, Ben, was little he asked for a 7 jersey and kid sized football helmet. He wore them with pride. Ben is 16 now and tonight we sat together and got to see you describe the way The Lord has brought your faith to a higher level. Thanks for courageously sharing. You’ll never know how you blessed others. Have fun hunting in NZ.” — Tim Alcore.

Retro Kid @GrundySpundy
As a Dallas Cowboys fan you earned a lot of respect for @_BigBen7 tonight. Thank you for sharing with us men last night.

Tony Price‏ @tonprice
@_BigBen7 Awesome testimony last night at Ignite Men 2017. Genuine from the heart.

RichHanewald“There were probably 15-20 of us at breakfast this morning talking about how moving Ben’s testimony was last night. It’s so cool to see how God continues to work.” — Rich Hanewald. (Photo)

Lilshoemake‏ @ShoeheelJr
@_BigBen7 just touched my heart and spoke his heart at ignite

“The fact that Ben knows where his blessings come from is class act!!! He knows and admits he’s not perfect but knows and cries out to those who knows the POWER of prayer to pray for him. #ProudFan” — Robin Brower.

Jeremy Vaughan‏ @JV_JVaughan
“Self-less not selfish” Thanks @_BigBen7 – prayin’. #ignite

“You got it Ben! None of us ain’t perfect, but God still loves us, and here when we need him. Love my QB.” — Sakeem Davis.

Jeffrey Dickson‏ @JEFFREY_DICKSON
Really enjoyed hearing from Ben Roethlisberger! Really humble guy! Great testimony! #ignitemensconference

“This was amazing Ben!! To see you open your heart and your life up to these kids and men on what you went through when you were younger put you even higher in my heart!!” — Kristie Logan Bowles.

MichaelSwaney“Thanks for your time, Ben.” — Michael Swaney. (Photo)

Greg‏ @john_glanton
Awesome Q&A and talk by Ben Roethlisberger.

“Really enjoyed!! Very different perspective hearing it from you! You’re the greatest! And thanks as well! It was great Big Ben!” — Joey Boozel.

Shiloh Marx @shilohmarx
@_BigBen7 Thank you for your words tonight.Your authenticity with your humanity and openness with real life struggles were encouraging

“Really enjoyed listening to you Ben. Wishing you all the best and many blessings in life!” — Dee Brown.

Jake Whitman‏ @jwhit22
@_BigBen7 thank you for sharing from the heart last night at #Ignite2017 loved getting to meet you as well! Thanks for all you’re doing.

“What a dream come true! Two of these photos are from 2016 Spring Training at Latrobe where Ben Roethlisberger stopped to sign my football because he saw I was having a hard time getting to where all the signing was talking place.He had his driver stop by me on his way out to sign. I just left an event tonight that Ben was a key note speaker at, and got a photo done with him, which was great beyond words! But I’m gonna start by saying that the picture, the signing, or seeing him face to face isn’t nearly as great as hearing this man’s testimony and love for God and his family! I’m happy he is my team’s QB, but all game and fame aside I’m glad to just know you as a man. I hope to catch a game in Pittsburgh one day before you call it quits (hint:hopefully not this year). Praying for you and the team, and for maturity in the locker room this year. Much love for Ben and the Steelers! P.S. I was so star-struck I forgot I had a picture to do with Tony Stewart! I walked past him while chatting with Big Ben about Harrison! Lol. What a memory! One I won’t forget ever!” — Erik Goughnour. (Photo)

Audrey Williams‏ @mrsawilliams86
@_BigBen7 your testimony was powerful at #Ignite2017 Thank you for sharing! God will continue to bless you.

“Ben, you did a great job tonight speaking. I’ll be praying for you, and thank you for being such a great inspiration!!” — Daniel Feagan‎.

Jake Whitman‏ @jwhit22
@_BigBen7 thank you for sharing from the heart last night at #Ignite2017 loved getting to meet you as well! Thanks for all you’re doing.

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