…and NOT just because we have no Steelers game to watch today!

Frank Neri @nerometer
@MicahTylerMusic @_BigBen7 The #Different tshirt travelled from Pittsburgh PA to Melbourne Australia Flag of Australia. I’m privileged to make a difference to those in need all the way from down under.

“I’m so blessed to have received mine and help an amazing cause!” — Kevin Thomsen.

anna @annajc16 (from Nov 20)
I had to support @_BigBen7 in hopes he’d be cleared to play! #HereWeGo

Prayers4AJCucksey @PrayersforAJ
Glad to support @MicahTylerMusic and @_BigBen7 #Different because we are DIFFERENT!!

“I got mine and I love it and has an amazing cause!” — Dani Marie.

Brogan’s Steelers Page @BurghBreakdown
North bound to Minneapolis ready to watch the @steelers. Got my “Different” shirt on rocking @_BigBen7 and @MicahTylerMusic. “Renegade” is also playing in the background! #HereWeGo #Steelers

“#DIFFERENT” — Liz Anders.

It all started with a video message from Big Ben and Christian musician, Micah Tyler on September 24th:

I am so honored to team up with ‘Big Ben’ Roethlisberger to tackle a great cause!
When Ben wore my ‘Different’ shirt to training camp a few weeks ago and it caused so much attention, we knew we should take the opportunity to shine a light on something way bigger than a T-shirt. Honored to partner with Light of Life Rescue Mission, who has been on the ground making a huge difference in the lives of homeless citizens in Pittsburgh for a years.
For every shirt we sell, two meals are being donated to Light of Life Rescue Mission! — Micah Tyler.

You can still order your shirt at www.TheDifferentShirt.com.

You can watch Micah’s music video for “Different” here.

Thank you for your continuing support, Steelers Nation! Have a Blessed Sunday! #HereWeGo