…and a fan story all in one!

“This photo was taken in June, 2012 at the PNC Big 33 Football Classic.

Our organization (Air Force Recruiting) based out of Pittsburgh, was comprised of 100 active duty personnel spread across Eastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia and Western Maryland. The organization’s members come from all types of Air Force Service, working to recruit the nation’s finest to be a part of our team.

Ben was such a great guy. He insisted on taking pictures with all of us. We rallied the troops for the photos and a short chat with Ben (made all my Steeler buddies outside of PA super jealous). One of our staff presented him with our organization’s challenge coin. .

We all came away from the experience in awe at what a great, personable, and down to earth guy Ben was. Super experience! Ben, thank you for all you have done for us.” — Shawn, retired US Air Force Steelers fan.

Shawn, thank you for sharing your photo with us, and especially, for what you do for our country!! God bless!