Or…Steeler Nation on vacation!

Our latest Fan Photos post includes not one, but TWO photos sent last month from fans who took their Terrible Towels with them on vacation to the beautiful country of Italy!

Carl Stresing and his girlfriend, Jeni Sharp, showing their Steeler pride (with both Towel and warm headwear) while on a gondola in Venice!

“I went to Italy during Easter week this year with high school students. I am a history teacher at Greece Athena High School in Rochester, NY. I am in Philly tonight. I traveled 6 hours to meet Ben tomorrow (May 4, 2013). I took other pics with Antonio Brown’s shirt in Rome, the Vatican City and Florence.” — Carl Stresing

Kate Mahjoubian stops to pose in front of one of Italy’s most famous landmarks, La Piazza Dei Miracoli, or as we know it – the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

“The story of The Pisa Pic: My daughter is studying abroad this semester (she goes to Washington State University) and because I have been in Hong Kong and unable to ever attend ‘Mom’s Weekend’ in Washington State, my husband sent me over to Italy to visit. My towel goes everywhere now.” — Kate Mahjoubian

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