6-year old James DeSantis wanted to share the story of his exciting day at Heinz Field this past season with Ben and his other fans. He wanted it to be his story, with just a little help from mom and dad:

My favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers! I love watching the Steelers and Big Ben on TV, but I really wanted to go to Pittsburgh to see a game with my daddy. It seems like he gets to go all the time! So on August 24th we loaded up and daddy drove me from Ohio to Pittsburgh for the preseason game against the Chiefs. It was a long drive but I didn’t care!

Before the game my daddy took me to a store so I could get my own Steelers jersey. I had a few choices, but of course I picked #7! We went to a place called ‘Station Square’ where daddy took me on a boat and we rode across the river to Heinz Field. It was so big!!! My daddy found me a good spot to watch the game. We had fun watching the Steelers, and I cheered extra loud for Big Ben!!

I cheer for the Steelers to win every weekend, and sometimes I cry when they lose. I like the Steelers because they play good. Ben Roethlisberger is my favorite player because he is a great quarterback. I hope he gets to win another Super Bowl.

When I grow up I will play for the Steelers. I will be #19 and Big Ben will pass me the ball for a touchdown. Go Steelers!

From James’ mom, Mardee:

“James was born with a genetic disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). He is still walking and running, but has low stamina and uses a wheelchair or wagon when walking any long distance (like into the stadium). His latest accomplishment is that he figured out how to maneuver his body to be able to ‘punt’ his football. He is so proud of himself!”

We’re proud of him too! Go James!!! And thank you for sharing your fun day with us!