And it couldn’t have come at a better time, because look what we have up first:

It’s the Battle of the Big Ben…..Thanksgiving turkeys? Yes indeed!! Nichole Dotson’s son, Steele, drew the incredible #7 turkey on the left, AND that’s Misty Taylor’s son, Ian, with his Big Ben turkey on the right. Great job guys!!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…already! Matt and Shannon Reid are gettin’ their Christmas holiday spirit ON! Here they are traveling the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska on a dogsled – Terrible Towel in tow of course!

It’s all about family! Top: The Dupray family traveled from Virginia to enjoy a recent game at Heinz Field. Left: Karen Linder treated her family to the Steelers vs Titans game on November 17th. Right: Natasha Condon, her daughter Olivia and her mom – three generations of #7 fans!

And it’s not a Fan Photos post without Steelers Babies!! Top left: Little Gino Stoner is from Butler, PA and has been a Steelers fan since birth (okay, so it hasn’t been THAT long, but he’s still a big fan!). Top right: Mason Paul is only 2-1/2 months old, but dad says, “He LOVES the Steelers!!”. Bottom left: Sleeping beauty Kennedy Harper Stuck is just 2-months old but knows how to wear the black & gold! Bottom right: Little Ben Goodson (named after a certain quarterback) is talking offense with his dog, Tyson.

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We have more great photos – 5 pages worth, including more Steelers babies, Steelers kids, Steelers BIG kids, and of course, Steelers pets all right here!

As always, thank you to everyone who submitted photos!!