“I’ll take this one on me.  I need to play better, and I need to get this offense moving. If it’s a duck, it’s a duck. We got our butts kicked.” — Ben, after the game.

Not too much on the positive with this one. No doubt, the Steelers feel like the Patriots did last week after their game against the Browns! Hopefully they got that one ugly game out of their system….

From ESPN’s James Walker, AFC North Blog:

Although the loss to New England was a team-wide failure, credit Roethlisberger for stepping up and taking blame. Roethlisberger had great numbers, throwing for 387 yards and three touchdowns. But it was deceiving because every touchdown and many yards were accumulated during garbage time in the fourth quarter.

New England led 23-3 entering the final period and its defense played safe the rest of the way. Roethlisberger was able to gain yards and score while also running out the clock.

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From NFL.com‘s recap:

All three of Pittsburgh’s touchdowns came in the fourth quarter, with Roethlisberger (30 of 49, 387 yards) also finding Wallace on scoring passes of 15 and 33 yards.

Pittsburgh was without Roethlisberger’s blind-side protectors, left tackle Max Starks (neck, out for season) and left guard Chris Keomeatu (knee, ankle) and, with backups playing, Roethlisberger was sacked five times. Rashard Mendenhall was held to 50 yards rushing one week after Cleveland’s Peyton Hillis pounded New England’s No. 29-ranked defense for 184 yards and two touchdowns.

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Quotes of Note:

”We threw some pressures in there. You can’t let Roethlisberger have time. You can’t just send 3 or 4 men. So we had to send more people to try to get him on the ground. He’s a very tough guy to tackle.” — Patriots safety James Sanders (Boston Herald).

“I don’t think they did anything to confuse us, that we didn’t expect. They flat out beat us. It was a good old-fashioned butt-whooping, and you never like it when it’s at home.” — Ben, during his post-game comments. (ESPN.com)

“No one is better than Ben outside the pocket…it’s incredible the decision making he makes outside the pocket. Something that’s very difficult for me because a lot of those things I can’t anticipate. He’s an incredible decision maker. He knows when to throw it, he knows when to throw it away, and he knows when to run. He’s a great player.” — Tom Brady, during a pre-game interview with Bob Costas.

Stat Line:

Ben was 30-49 for 387 yards, three touchdowns and an interception.

You can watch video of Ben’s post-game interview here.

You can check out a few game photos here.

You know what? We can’t let the week start out like this! Come back at 12 noon (ET) and we’ll have a bit of fun….