From our favorite camper grandmother, Anita Doddroe!

Anita has been sharing photos from Ben’s camp with us since 2010, and she is back again this year (don’t know what we’re going to do when her grandchildren finally outgrow Ben’s camp!):

Ben spent time with each group of campers – here he is instructing his TE’s and WR’s.

Mirror Image: Ben enjoys chatting with some of the older campers as his father Ken looks on.

I LOVE running on this track, and I bet I can run faster than my brother!” — Baylee

Ben coaches during drills with the receiving team.

Anita’s grandson holds onto the ball and heads for the endzone! Heath Miller-esque!

“I guess I’ll just play football over here by myself. Let’s see, a little stretching…a few warm up throws…” — Benjamin, Jr.

You can see ALL of Anita’s great action photos here (bottom row & the next 3 pages)!