“He’s on fire. He’s the best, the best there is. I believe when he says that he’s going to be the best he’s ever been this year, I believe it to be true. — Vance McDonald on #7.

From Mike Prisuta’s article at Steelers.com:

It was another scorcher this afternoon at Saint Vincent College – the heat index reached 98 degrees – but no one, apparently, is as hot as quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

“This is only the second camp that I’ve been to here with him and just his whole approach and demeanor is completely different this year,”tight end Vance McDonald assessed

It’s Roethlisberger’s deeds as well as his words that have resonated, McDonald maintained.

“It wasn’t just that first day that he addressed the offense, it’s everything about how he’s going through his day,” McDonald said. “I think it’s different.

“I can’t speak for the guy, I just think he’s ready and willing to do everything it takes to win another championship.”

McDonald also addressed how the Steelers can best follow Roethlisberger’s lead toward that end.

“It’s not dropping a tennis ball and staying on his good side in practice,” McDonald explained. “And then going from there, it’s just being ready and being open. That’s the one thing that he wants more than anything, just open dialogue and communication, not even necessarily with him but with all guys. It’s not even worth waking up and going though the day mad or angry about a situation or about a guy. And so you just get all that into open air and just let it go.

“I like what we’re doing as an offense, as a group this year coming into this. It’s impossible to explain. It feels very open and free and fun, that’s where I leave it. I can’t say anything else about it, it’s just fun.”

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Photo: Karl Roser / Steelers