…with two fan stories from 2012!

Our first story comes from Bella Tomko. She met Ben on Sunday night after the Steelers game against the Browns while he and his lovely wife, Ashley, were dining at Ichiban Hibachi Steakhouse. Bella tweeted the photo that Ashley took of her posing with Ben along with a thank you to him for being “so nice”!

I went up to him and said, “Excuse me, are you Ben Roethlisberger?” (just to make sure it was really him)! He said yes. I felt so bad for interrupting him at dinner, but I congratulated him on the great game he had played earlier and asked him if I could take a picture with him. He said, “Yeah, of course!”. His wife took the photo for me, she was very nice as well. I thanked him so much and he said, “No problem! I hope you have a great new year!”.

Most athletes aren’t that nice to people who interrupt their night. Thank you Ben! — Bella Tomko

Our second fan story comes by way of Scotland – St. Andrews Golf Course to be exact!

David Field was a caddy at the course this past summer when Ben and his friends were there on a golfing vacation. He saw Big Ben on the course and knew he had to meet him! David just recently found the website’s twitter page and tweeted his photo and a “thank you” as well!

As a caddie we see the ballot and all the names of players on the Old Course daily and obviously take note of the celebs that come through. I’m a huge American football fan even though I’m Scottish and coverage is limited over here. We had heard rumours of Big Ben being over in St. Andrews and when the ballot went up I noticed his name and my initial reaction was to just meet him! It was on the 13th hole of the Old Course and I was caddying down the 6th which is adjacent. I looked over and noticed the size of the man and thought, ‘Wow that’s Big Ben!’. I immediately went over and asked for a picture while congratulating him on the Super Bowl wins and the most amazing TD pass ever to Santonio Holmes! Ben was a perfect gentleman and said he always loves to meet fans. Top man – top professional! — David Fields

Thank you to both Bella and David for sharing their photos and stories!

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