“State police in the Hudson Valley say they’re getting a new bloodhound, thanks to Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.” — From the article below.

From the Wall Street Journal today:

This dog don’t hunt, but it will track down criminals and search for missing people.

Troopers in Troop K, a four-county area east of the Hudson River, say the Kody Snodgrass Memorial Foundation is providing the new dog. The foundation breeds, raises and trains bloodhounds for police work with law enforcement agencies.

The latest canine addition to the trooper ranks is made possible by a grant from The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation.

According to Angie at the Kody Snodgrass Memorial Foundation, Jim Bob (photo above) is a 15-month old, 110lb “gentle giant” who is trained in scent discrimination, and ready to go to work!

You can read more here.

You can check out another photo of Jim Bob (relaxing in the garden) here.

From the Snodgrass Memorial Foundation website:

“The Kody Snodgrass Memorial Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to providing law enforcement with exceptional bloodhounds trained for police work at little or no charge.

The Foundation, known as 832 K-9′s Deputy Dogs breeds, raises and trains registered bloodhounds, providing the expert training necessary for these dogs to become valuable partners in the law enforcement community. We rely on public and private donations for the continued operation of the organization.”

You can read about Officer Snodgrass (above with his partner Jimmy in 2001) who is the inspiration for this mission here.

You can learn more about Ben’s foundation as well as make a donation through The Giving Back Fund here.