“Pito, the German Shepherd we imported from Holland and his handler have been undergoing extensive training through us and received a Police Dog Narcotics certification today.” — Ali Hemyari, K-9 Instructor for Nashville K-9, LLC.

On October 11th, The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation announced it’s grant to the Millersville Police Department just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

The Millersville Police Department utilized the grant funds to start its K-9 Unit by purchasing its first narcotics dog. Nashville K-9, LLC trained the dog and his handler free of charge. The Tennessee Highway Patrol also donated equipment to properly outfit Millersville PD’s first K-9 vehicle.

“With the generous donation that Ben gave to the Millersville Police Dept, we were able to purchase them a green dog for narcotics,” said K-9 Instructor Ali Hemyari. “We then worked with him and the handler, training both to a proficient level and had both of them certified as a police dog/handler team.

“Nashville K-9 is proud of Officer George Hurst and Pito in their commitment to their city, and is thankful for the opportunity to be able to work with The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation.”

Thank you to Mr. Hemyari and Nashville K-9, LLC!

You can read more about Ben’s Foundation here!