…in photos & messages of thanks!

Photographer Aaron Josefcyzk shared his amazing action pictures with us. You can see more right here.

It’s awesome. This is for a good cause. All the proceeds raised, we’re splitting them 50-50 for Findlay High School and for my foundation. To date my foundation has given almost $2 million to canine search and rescue. We’re excited to be able to give back to Findlay. The support is really awesome. It feels really good. My family all drove over and my family in Lima and in Michigan are here.” — Ben.


“Wow, what a day?! The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation Celebrity Softball game was a huge success! Findlay loved it. Ben and company were amazing. The kids were pumped and we had a lot of laughs. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.” — Linda Mihalik, Mayor of Findlay.

“Thank you for coming back home and supporting our community! Hope this becomes an annual event.” — Jackie Donaldson-Risner.

Dannie Rogers @dannierogers___
So cool and such a pick-me-up to see what @_BigBen7 is doing at his alma mater @FHSAthletic and communities around the country with his support of athletics and K9 programs 🐶

#99 is taking this game seriously….VERY seriously!

Big Ben trying to get cozy with the coach before the game!

Let’s do a little warm-up….get some practice in before the big game. You guys ready out there?

“I got it!”

“No, I got it!”

“Okay, I think that’s enough practice.”

Sharon McIntosh @sharonkdt04
@_BigBen7 Thank you for such an enjoyable day! My son met Pouncey and it made his entire life!

Jason W. Maple @Jmaple1979
@_BigBen7 Being a Browns fan and living in Bluffton isn’t easy with the Steel curtain of Findlay just north. Your team made it harder to root against you after seeing the softball game today. Lots of fun, laughs and gracious players. Keep it up, Sir!


I am ONE with the bat!

james eathorne ‏@letanglambert58
Like that the whole offensive line came out!!!

Lauren Franks ✨@LaurenFranks13
Honestly such a fun event to be at.

The Mayor is not only a good softball player, she’s a good sport too!

So if we win, I pay for dinner? But if we lose, I pay for dinner? Wait a minute….

Look out! JuJu is airing it out!

For the ladies.

Ben hits one into the next town!

Dave Litzenberg @dlitzenberg
Thanks for giving back to Findlay @_BigBen7!

“It was great to see Big Ben return again to Findlay, giving back to where it all started. He was an inspiration to my great nephew many years ago and that nephew is now giving back to his alma mater, Vanlue High School, just down the road from Findlay, Ohio. He played all sports at Vanlue, attended Bluffton University and is now teaching and coaching back at his alma mater.” — F. David Gibson.

Jennifer Niederkohr @jlniederkohr
Thank you @_BigBen7 for coming back to Findlay and making my baby girl’s day! I hope you smashed your charity goal.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Findlay Athletics @FHSAthletic
Thank you to Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing this day with us. Thank you.

“I was there today! (Drove from Cleveland, to my hometown Dunkirk) It was awesome! — Lisa Sue Skidmore.


“In classic form, these guys also took the time to thank our local law enforcement for their service and support today.” — Linda Mihalik, Mayor of Findlay.


“Thank you so much for coming to Findlay and bringing other Steelers!!” — Anne Kissh Kuschnerus.

“Great day. Loved it.” — Dennis Flugga.

“Thank you Ben!” — Linda Clayton.


The Steelers put together a video montage of the game here.

Cameron Fields from the Toledo Blade was on hand for the game and wrote a great piece here.