The Ben Roethlisberger Show

Recap from Ben’s radio show earlier today, courtesy of 93.7 The Fan & CBS Pittsburgh:

7~151On the report by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Ed Bouchette yesterday on Ben’s future –

“I’m just playing it one year at a time. I’m excited to come back next year. I know Ed said that he heard that some guys said something about me playing for another three years.

I’m not going to look past one year. I’m going to look forward to next year and give it everything I have.”

On whether he thinks Todd Haley will be with the team next year –

“I don’t have any control over the coaching staff…obviously that’s very apparent in a few years ago when B.A. was gone. You know everyone knows that we had a great relationship and he was still let go.

On his relationship with Todd Haley –

“There’s always issues in a competitive field like we have…you might butt heads at times, it doesn’t mean that you have any personal problems.”

On the team’s failure to convert on 4th and 1 and why they don’t have him run a quarterback sneak –

“I’d love to. I actually literally tuned in to you guys for two minutes and heard you guys and the fans bashing us for not quarterback sneaking and not believing me when I say that we don’t run it and I want to do it. Since it’s my show now, I can speak freely and tell you guys, my co-hosts, that I truly have never said ‘I don’t want to run it’ and I don’t have the freedom to check to a quarterback sneak because we don’t have that call if we’re not in the huddle.

“If you’re at the line of scrimmage, we don’t have a call to get to a quarterback sneak…am I supposed to whisper to everyone ‘quarterback sneak’?

“When we get to like the two-yard line, two point play, to spread the defense out and go empty and run quarterback draw. I’ve asked for that. He laughs at me and says ‘Ben, maybe in your younger days, not now.’ I still ask for those things. I would love the quarterback sneak. Hopefully we’ll get into more of it.”

normal_PiratesGame_061214_Ben_CutchOne teammates trash-talking and looking past the game in front of them –

“I wish guys wouldn’t do it, that’s one of the reasons that I don’t do social media…it’s unnecessary, it’s uncalled for.”

On Andrew McCutchen being traded to the Giants on Monday –

“I didn’t even know he was up to be traded! Just sad for fans, sad for all of us here in Pittsburgh because what a true class act and a gentleman and a baseball player.

He’s going to be sorely missed but I’m sure he’ll always be a Pittsburgh guy.”

You can listen to Ben’s full show here.

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