A new book by super agent Bruce A. Tollner!

“As a quarterback, I have played on some championship teams—and I have experienced some painful losses. Regardless of the outcome of any one game, my dad has been there to cheer me on. Whether I throw a winning touchdown pass or an interception, I know my dad is there to say, ‘Good job, Son, I am proud of you!’ My parents have had a major influence on the way I live life, as well as the way I play football. Because of their influence, and that of my coaches and others, I am blessed to be able to live out a childhood dream to play professional football. ‘The C.H.I.L.D. Game Plan’ can help you to help your child live out their childhood dreams. Read this book, and put together a winning game plan for your child. — Ben Roethlisberger, Two-time Super Bowl Champion Quarterback, Pittsburgh Steelers.

About the book:

Life is not always easy. Everyone struggles from time to time and there are times when we all just want to hide. However, it’s during these times that you, as a parent, grandparent, guardian, teacher or school administrator can have the greatest positive influence on the life of a child.

This book is absolutely loaded with ideas for you to use and examples for you to follow to help you develop a winning Game Plan for your child.

The C.H.I.L.D. Game Plan goes in depth to show you how you can help a child develop a winning Game Plan for life that will allow him / her to experience the thrill of being a champion in the greatest game of all… the game of life!

In this book, you will find specific references to five very important areas:

Competitive sports and the body, Heart and social awareness, Intelligence – school – career… and the mind, Life force – spirituality and the soul, and Destiny.

Get ready to have a huge positive influence on your child!

“In 1933, my dad, Art Rooney, purchased an NFL team. Today, the Pittsburgh Steelers organization is not just a family-owned NFL franchise that has won six Super Bowls—we are a family! That is just one of the values given to me by my father that continues to have a positive impact on my life. Just as my dad passed on a wonderful set of values to me, I hope that the treasures found in ‘The C.H.I.L.D. Game Plan’ help pass something special on to your children.” —Dan Rooney, Owner, Pittsburgh Steelers.

About the author:

Bruce A. Tollner is a dad, a husband, a son, and a super agent in professional sports. He and his cousin Ryan are partners in Rep 1 Sports Group, one of the premier sports agencies in the nation. Bruce has been around sports all of his life and played multiple sports in high school and college. His dad, Ted Tollner, has been a prominent college and NFL football coach for over forty years and is considered one of the smartest and most diverse offensive minds in the game.

Bruce and Ryan established the REP 1 Sports Foundation. With the belief that professional sports represents a powerful platform to reach and enrich the lives of others, each year they sponsor the REP 1 Sports Character and Leadership Conference for students in grades 8-12.

“As president of the Indianapolis Colts, I am involved in a lot of decisions involving people on and off the field. There is little margin for error in the selection process. We must have the right people at the right place at the right time. Whether I am involved in the decision to hire someone for the front office, hire a coach, or select a player for the team, I want someone who exhibits the principles taught in The C.H.I.L.D. Game Plan. By reading and applying the principles in this book, you can give a child the opportunity to excel far beyond the limits that can be reached by natural talent alone.” —Bill Polian, President, Indianapolis Colts.

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“They say there’s no instruction guide to becoming a parent, but this one comes close. Bruce Tollner pulls back the curtains and shows us the people behind the people, and he does so with the kind of grace, style, and tender expertise that would make his own folks proud.” —Sam Farmer, Los Angeles Times.