Just a few of our favorite Halloween photos from over the years….

And what better way to start than with the Terrible Towel at Halloween Central:


“Took the Terrible Towel to Dacula’s Castle in Transylvania, Romania just to get some ‘bad karma’ on all teams not The Steelers.” — Ken Knecht‎.


“Our 3yr old daughter, Madilyn, trick or treating as her favorite football player. We are from Royal Oak, MI.” — Megan Modica.

Left: Cynthia Filmore as Coach Tomlin and her boyfriend, Michael, as the best TE in the business! Right: Michelle Stiehler as Troy, and her husband, Al, as the EXTRA-LARGE bottle of Head & Shoulders shampoo!

3-year old Logan is lookin’ sharp (and awfully cute) as his favorite player!!! Photo: Jennifer Heflebower


Left: When he’s not looking exactly like Coach Tomlin, he’s Jayden White from Columbia, Maryland. Photo: Steelers Nation West.


“Our son, Beck, as Coach Mike Tomlin.” — Chris & Holle Maricle.


“I seriously can’t believe I got dressed up for this? A picture? I thought we were playing some Fall tackle football!!” — Pojack.

Whoa!! Wait a minute….how did this Browns fan sneek in here just before Sunday’s Halloween game?

Oh!!! So Ryan is the Browns fan…his wife Chelsea is the Steelers fan. For Halloween one year he talked her into switching it up. Yeah, no wonder she’s wearing a bag over her head! #GoSteelers


Gordon Dedman (yes, that’s his real last name) doesn’t have a “living room” at Halloween, he has a “Night of the Living Dead room”. Yikes!

Left:This little lady, 1-year old Laynee Tilley, can both cheer for Big Ben, and then dance when he throws a touchdown pass!! She’s got ’em both covered in this Halloween costume! Photo: Jessica Glaze. Middle Left: 6-month old Paisley Nicole Stone hopes that by the time she is old enough to try out, the Steelers will have cheerleaders! But for now, she’s content to cheer from home in Port Saint Lucie, FL. Photo: Deanna Srebrenick. Middle Right: Cheering for her favorite team, and for some treats! Siss Boom Ba!!! Photo: Dorothy Blackburn. Right: These two lovely young ladies took time out from cheering for their favorite QB to hit the Trick or Treat trail! Photo: Jamie Lynn.


“My daughter’s name is Samantha, and she is a huge Steelers and Sports fan. She loves playing and has all of the Steelers players, stats and whatnot memorized. And she is only 8!” — Ryan Legge.


The Perkins Family from Hershey, PA:

“Big Bro aka Big Ben is Drew Perkins (age 6); Our Cheerleader is Avery Perkins (age 4); The “football” is Ryan Perkins (7.5 months) with dad Joe Perkins who shares a Bday with Big Ben! My name is Kerry Perkins and I’m a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan. I attended PITT! Can’t wait for Ben to be back! 🏈” — Kerry Perkins.

The Aiken Family from Houston, TX:

“My boys LOVE Ben and the Steelers! They get dressed in the full uniform, black under eye makeup included, and they watch Steeler’s high light videos on YouTube and discuss the plays together! Cole is 6 and Cash is 4. (Dad Joe is holding a little football named Cash, who is just 3 months old). Happy Halloween from Houston Texas!” — Alisha Aiken.

Kendall Cawthorn heads out to do some Trick or Treating wearing her football hero’s jersey while being escorted by her every day hero, her dad Steve.

The Wayne Bates Family is dressed and ready for nightfall (or a football game)!


“It’s almost time!! It’s almost time!!! Pumpkins are being lit!! Trick or Treat is almost here!! We get to bark our heads off!!” — Marco & Robbie.


Devon Ralph ‏@steelercrue

Kids wanted me to dress up like a super hero for halloween, so I did. @_BigBen7 @steelers #trickortreat

“My name is John McFarland from Youngstown Ohio. I am submitting a photo of myself posing as Ben, and my buddy Sadiq Hough posing as Coach Tomlin. This costume has won us 1st place in two different contests.”


“This is my son Benjamin David, age 10. He was actually named after Big Ben, the greatest QB is Steelers history! Best wishes and hope you get well soon so you can lead our boys up the Stairway to Seven!!” — Much love and God bless, Mark Apple.

Left: Duce, named after the Steelers’ Duce Staley, wants to know if any of the humans in his neighborhood are handing out cats on Halloween? If so, he’s going to need a bigger Trick or Treat bag! Middle: Emma waits at the door in her #43 jersey for the night’s Trick or Treaters. Right: Kismet is going the “formal costume route” – wearing a gold tie with the uniform in hopes of getting a big haul to hide in the backyard!


“For 7 consecutive years, Big Ben has been my costume for Halloween, my favorite player, and a role model I look up to (don’t hate). His humility, heart, sportsmanship, leadership, and desire for excellence is inspiring and has always been something I admire. I’m even on his website somewhere! 😂😂 But after 7 years, this year I’m retiring the costume for awhile. I love Pittsburgh, love Big Ben and his family, and love wearing this jersey. Wouldn’t trade it for the world 😎😎🏈🏈 #BigBen #HereWeGo #SteelerNation #StairwayTo7 #CityOfChampions” — Elijah Benjamin.


“Where’s the candy? Put me in coach! I’ll find the candy!! I’ll find it!! — Colton.

Photo:Allie Fitts.

Danny Calheta ‏@DanielCalheta

Gotta represent #SteelersNation @_BigBen7 @steelers #Halloween


“Yes, I get it! I gotta wait ’til dark, and I can’t ask anyone for cats – just candy. Sigh.” — Nestle.