Ben spoke to the media after practice today.

“We just want to get down to business. We haven’t gotten into a rhythm yet where we play every Sunday. We’ve bounced around with games on different days of the week. We just want to get back out there and play football.”


On going to Cincinnati –

We are excited about going on the road and into a hostile environment. It’s Sunday night football. It’s going to be fun.

On the team’s goals for success on the road –

Our first goal on the road is to try to get off to a fast start so we can take the crowd out of it.

On Cincinnati’s defensive line –

They get after the passer. They really put a lot of pressure on the quarterback. That’s where it starts with them.

On rookie Mike Adams –

I think he’s done a great job of stepping up and filling in. He’s improved every day and every week in practice. He’s a guy that I know wants to get better and prove himself. It will be a good challenge for him this week.

You can watch video of his interview here.

You can read a transcribed version here.


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