First game of the season, first win of the season!

And we’re going to let the fans handle this game post….Steelers Nation, take it away:

First things first – HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMDEN!!!

𝙅𝙚𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙚 Fire 𝓝 Ice @Chill004Jeanne
I always look forward to Ben’s take on the game. He’s honest and always appreciative of everyone. I’m so thankful for Ben and this entire team. It was a team W we can be proud of and I, for one am grateful. #HereWeGo

“Today is the DAY!!! #HereWeGo #SteelerSunday— Libby Cunningham.

jesseka @jessekakl
Watching football with an almost 4-year-old never fails to amuse. “Did the burger guy win?” “Yes, yes he did.” Woooo
@Steelers @_BigBen7

“Looks like Steelers Nation is in the DeGrace house today! #HereWeGo” — Starrlee DeGrace.

Cubsfan1127 🖤💛 @cubsfan1127
Say what you will about his age; @_BigBen7 is a tough, tough man! #HereWeGo

We interrupt Steelers Nation briefly for this awesome video!!

“Go Steelers!!!!” — Fernando Gallegos.

MJ @MJP_1005
Looking good Ben! Way to coach up the young guys! Future in coaching…

“It’s Game Day! Let’s Go Steelers!” — Shadie Neltner.

AjayBoehm_0837 @AJBame37
@_BigBen7 & @CamHeyward leadership in this game was amazing. Great game! @steelers

So this is all Carlos Medina sent – a photo of him with a BIG SMILE. I’m going to guess he was happy with the outcome of today’s game!

Laura Kurt: I’m a bills fan but always had mad respect for Big Ben. Class act!

The #StairwayTo7 Starts Today! #HEREWEGO!!! @Steelers — Jo Franciscus.

Matt Hernandez:“Great hard nosed win!”

“What a game & it’s only Week 1!!!” — David.

We agree!!

Gray Mamba @dannywright2
Perhaps it’s just my age showing, but can the broadcast quit talking about @_BigBen7 being 39 after every play? Or at least say it in a context of it meaning 39 is young!

Even our game stat is courtesy of a member of Steeler Nation:

Derrick @derrick_daKidD
Today’s game winning drive against the Buffalo Bills was Ben Roethlisberger’s 47th career regular season game winning drive. He’s now tied with Dan Marino for the 4th most in NFL History.

(Okay, so Derrick also writes for

And now a word from our quarterback:

Ben had some nice words for the Buffalo Bills fanbase, the Bills Mafia:

“That’s a hostile place. Those fans are awesome. They were loud. It was very, very loud. Pat [Freiermuth, rookie TE] grabbed me afterward like ‘holy cow, that’s loud out there.’ I said yeah, welcome to the NFL.”

You can watch Ben’s post-game press conference here.

Thanks for the help, Steelers Nation!