Regular or waffle cone?

Dietsch Brothers @dietschbrothers
Big Ben stopped by to dip some ice cream last night. Thanks to @_BigBen7 for helping to create some fun memories for us!

And after taking a turn behind the ice cream counter:

Ben put down the scoop and joined his friends to pose with Payton, who works at Dietsch Brothers.

“Thank you for stopping in and taking a picture with me, Ben Roethlisberger, the tip was greatly appreciated too :)” — Payton

Dietsch Brothers is a landmark in Findlay, Ohio!

They sell ice cream & chocolates and if you can’t stop by, they have an online store as well!

You can follow them on Facebook too!

Ever had chocolates from Dietsch Brothers? If not, you’re missing out! Best ever!!

*And a BIG THANK YOU to Dietsch Brothers for donating a GIANT basketful of chocolates & other treats to Ben’s fundraising event, as one of the items up for auction!