“Just an amazing and well worth it day. To meet and walk down the fairway with Big Ben, who was just an amazing guy. Dream come true for these 3 Members of #SteelersNation”. — Jamie Van Dusen.

“This picture of the 3 of us in Ben’s jersey is a special one. It has my uncle, who is like my dad. His name is Doug Van Dusen. My father passed away of a heart attack when I was 13, and Doug stepped right in as a mentor and father figure. Sadly he has been diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer that has spread to his liver. Long story short, we have been long time die Hard Steeler fans, and especially Big Ben. Doug even named his (now rainbow bridge dog) Ben after him. This was a dream come true to be able to meet Ben and the day was magical.
The other doppelgänger of Ben, is my buddy Brian who is also my neighbour and long time Steeler (Ben) fan.”

More photos from Jamie:

“Being in Canada, I never thought we would have the chance to meet him and see him that close. The event was simply awesome and so entertaining. If you do speak to him, tell him I want his hat.”

“The picture of him with the thumbs up was when my buddy Brian, jokingly asked Emmitt to move out of the way so we could get a better shot of Ben! Haha!”

“Getting the chance to walk the course with him. I wish I could have found his ball for him on 18. Lol!”

“Once we found out Ben was coming, Doug and I hopped on tickets, then I told Brian about it and he was in. From that moment we had decided to wear his garb and be fitted with our Ben jerseys and terrible towels. Ben was so gracious in taking a photo with us and signing our stuff.”

“Lastly, I just want to thank him again for being so gracious and hope we put the Steelers Ottawa Chapter on the map in honouring him and his HOF career beside him. Thank you so much again and God Bless you all! Go Steelers and enjoy retirement Big Ben!!!” — Jamie.

Jamie, thank you for sharing the great photos and know that we are praying for your Uncle Doug!

Mr. & Mrs. McRae also had a wonderful day:

Paul McRae @jedi34567
Nice to meet the QB who brought the Steelers two Super Bowl titles! They don’t call him “Big Ben” for nothing! @_BigBen7
@Fehertwit @RoyalOttawaGC

Maria McRae @CouncillorMcRae
Super stoked that @jedi34567 & I met @_BigBen7 @Fehertwit Classic today @RoyalOttawaGC. The @steelers are Paul’s fav team and he’s been a #BigBen fan from the beginning. Love how gracious & warm Ben was in signing Paul’s jersey & taking photos. A class act for sure.

And a great ending to a great day!

David Feherty @Fehertwit
Thank you @RoyalOttawaGC. What amazing hosts you were for our first #FehertyClassic. Hometown hero @DAlfredsson11 sunk a 50 footer for a skin! What a magical event!