A Steelers and WWE fan shares his story of meeting his favorite Steeler at one of his favorite events!

Hello, my name is Mason Werner, 21-years old of Wheeling, WV. I am currently a college student studying education and I’m a football coach. As I move on in my life I hope one day to just maybe be on the staff of The Pittsburgh Steelers.

I recently met Big Ben at the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble. Growing up my two favorite things to follow ever since I could remember were The Pittsburgh Steelers and The WWE. I would have never imagined that when I attended The Royal Rumble event I would sit by my favorite Pittsburgh Steeler of all time!

As the event kicked off, I had ringside seats and was having a blast. Little did I know what the night had in store. As I was getting ready for the match, I turned my head and BOOM, here comes Big Ben. Ben was sitting down right beside us. I was in shock. It just so happened that the people around us had a Big Ben cardboard head which I borrowed and started a “Ben” chant in hopes of getting his attention.

As soon as Ben sat down and heard the chant, he looked over with a big laugh and gave us all a “thumbs up”! After the match I went over to talk to Ben. I had shook Ben’s hand a few times at training camp, but it was always a goal of mine to get a picture with my favorite Steeler. As I approached Ben I said “Ben I hope you liked the chant and cardboard cutout, you’re the man!” Ben replies: “You guy’s are awesome, thanks for the support.” I told him, “No thank you! You’re an all-time great.” Ben went on to say “Thank you”, and shook my hand. Ben then took the time to take a picture with me.

I have to admit I felt like a little kid again. I can now add the picture that I always wanted to my collection including Franco Harris, Mike Tomlin, Dick Lebeau, and even the photo of me and my best friend Tom (also a huge Ben fan) and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, as he sat next to us at the Steeler playoff game vs The Ravens!

Talk about being lucky at a sporting event sitting by a mixture of Steelers and WWE Superstars! I would just like to thank Ben for taking time out from his night to have a little conversation with a fan. You’re the man, Ben! Bring us another Lombardi and an MVP like you deserve! — Mason Werner