Ben’s “chat” with the media took place today & Teresa Varley has the latest:

112216Ben Roethlisberger isn’t looking at games in the past, he is just looking ahead.

While a Thanksgiving night game might be the perfect way for Steelers Nation to wind down a great day spent with family and friends, for the players it’s the culmination of what is a challenging and short week.

The Steelers head to Indianapolis to take on the Colts Thursday night, with only two and a half days of preparation before they board a plane.

And that means squeezing a lot of work into a short window, with a lot on their plates to get ready.

“(We are doing) everything we can, especially both of them being on the road,” said Ben Roethlisberger as far as the preparation for Thursday night. “It can be a challenge. Incorporating a lot of game planning into basically one, two days. It can be very tricky.”

The Steelers will face an opponent they have seen over the last few years, defeating the Colts 45-10 at Heinz Field in 2015, and 51-34 in 2014, also at home. But those games don’t play at all into this year’s preparation.

“Those are in the years past,” said Roethlisberger. “This is a different football team. We are a different football team. We are going to their place. Hostile environment, short week. There are a lot of challenges involved this week.”

The Colts defense is ranked 32nd overall in the NFL against the pass, 30th in overall defense, but with new defensive coordinator Ted Monachino, who spent the last six years as a linebackers coach for the Ravens, Roethlisberger expects to see some familiar looks.

“It’s a lot of Baltimore-esque stuff,” said Roethlisberger. “Their defensive coordinator is new and from Baltimore. We are seeing a lot of Baltimore looks.”

You can watch video of his interview here.