…and it’s only Tuesday!

“He is a great competitor. I’m sure he’s just thriving right now with the fact everyone thinks that he’s done, the Steelers are done. I used to always say to people, I’d say the greatest thing in sports is to do something nobody thinks you can do. It’s one of the greatest accomplishments. And I think right now Ben is just thriving on that. He can’t wait to get out there, probably (chomping) at the bit to prove (it). I would be very surprised if he didn’t have a great year this year. It’s a tough division. He’s a Hall of Fame player, first ballot, no question about it. He’s won two Super Bowls and been to three, yet he continues to play the game with a great passion, a great competitor, and I think you’ll see that this year.” — Bill Cowher on Big Ben. (via NFL.com)