Ben stopped by to chat with Cook & Poni yesterday:

You can read excerpts from his sit-down interview or listen to the audio right here.

From Teresa Varley’s 7 on 7: What makes Ben, Ben:

“The way he does things that aren’t on script. That sets him apart from most every other quarterback. He can execute plays as drawn, but if something were to break down or he is out of the pocket, he is one of the best at extending the play and making people pay.” — Heath Miller, from the interviews above.

From the DraftKings Bus Tour:

Jay Glazer caught up with Ben Roethlisberger from the Pittsburgh Steelers, as the DraftKings bus tour rolls on. Ben talks about being able to take hits and keep playing, what it’s like to play with Antonio Brown, and dealing with losing/adding players in a constant cycle. There are lot a factors that come into play when taking the field as an elite NFL quarterback. Roethlisberger provides insight into the life of an NFL player, including why he doesn’t like training camp.

You can watch the video interview here.

From Ben’s interview with ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler on his blog entitled, “Ben Roethlisberger knows he has the pieces to succeed“:

“I haven’t changed my game at all. I think when you call plays that are shorter-routed plays — Bruce Arians was known to go down the field and take shots. So you are going to have to hold on to the ball. We call a lot of plays that get the ball out quick to receivers. Todd Haley’s offense is a lot about catching the ball, running and putting up yards after the catch. So I think that’s what it is more than me changing or anyone changing.” — Ben, from the interview above.

From Mark Kaboly’s interview with Todd Haley for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

“He’s the best he’s been to this point since I have been here. You can see that he has reached deep and turned it up another notch even though these are easy days not to be into it, but he has kept his focus, which is a lot of work when you have a lot of young people around you.” — Todd Haley, from the article above.

Oh, and guess who won the Steelers 2015 Home Run Derby at training camp?

You guessed it…#7 himself!

Check out this video to see all the action!


You’ll wish you hadn’t!! Enjoy!!