Great showing by the Steelers tonight! All 3 QBs looking good! Well done guys, fun to watch! — Ben.

Now #7 may not have been on the field for the first 2022 pre-season game, but he was definitely in the hearts of Steelers Nation:

“Yes fun to watch but missing you out there!” — Kim Grubb.

“Whoever the starting QB will be has very large shoes to fill. Miss you Ben but wishing all the QB the best!” — Chris Turner.

“Great game for sure! But still so different not seeing my QB out there! #7 We will NEVER forget you!!” — Lynn Dailey.

“It was a great game but Big Ben it just ain’t the same without you out there.” — Billie Rogers.

“Fun to watch…but you will always be my number 1 QB! Thanks for all the wonderful years! Miss you Ben! — Yvonne Peifer.

“Not the same without you Big Ben…miss you terribly! You’ll always be my #1 QB love ya ” — Kimberly Brown.

“Sometimes i think ‘i just dont know if i can do this without Ben’. It’s gonna be so hard to watch and BEN not be on the field. They say change is good but not sure about this one…all good things must come to an end. . Love ya BEN!! GO STEELERS! — Michelle Conley-Bruner.

“Missing you Ben. The QBs have got to prove a lot to this 47 year Steeler fan. Nice start tonight of doing that. Franchise QBs like You and Terry are hard to replace. Continue to enjoy retirement and your family. God bless and GoSteelers. — Mike Williams.

“Ugh…We were at the game and just wasn’t the same, definitely like Pickett but no one will ever take Ben’s place!!! — Scott N Terrie Cavey.

“We miss you Ben! Not quite the same without you. Hope you are enjoying retirement…you certainly earned it. Go Steelers! — Debbie Weaver.

“Way to go Steelers!! But Big Ben it’s never going to be the same!!! It’s so sad not seeing #7!! — Darlene Buchanan.

“Would have been better had you been on the field but overall they all 3 had some strong points! It is just not going to feel right with not having #7 out there!! I guess I get set in my ways and I know there is still another Superbowl in Ben and REALLY wish he could have retired on a Lombardi!!! — Scott Blair.

“It was a great showing for Steelers tonight! However we still miss seeing #7 on the field. Enjoy your retirement, you have surely earned it! We will never forget #7. — Kathleen Duell Schaeffer.

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