80-year old Betty married Herb Luke, the man of her dreams on her birthday four years ago and they’re still going strong – Steelers strong!

According to Betty’s friend Lisa Proctor, weddings guests wore their Pittsburgh Steelers colors or the colors of whatever their favorite team is – as long as they had a good time! Afterall, not everyone can be a Steelers fan or we’d have no one to root against! Betty even sent an invitation to the Steelers front office (unfortunately they did not RSVP). The local news showed up to broadcast the event on the evening news – just like Ben & Ashley’s wedding – making Betty & Herb quite the celebrity couple!

They had a Steelers-themed wedding cake, and black & gold everything: bouquets, floral arrangements, even her garter belt! And as the bride & groom made their honeymoon getaway, the message, “Steelers Fans 2-Gether 4-Ever” was scrolled on the back window of their car!

They are known to all their friends and family as ‘Aunt Betty and Uncle Herbie’, and Lisa says, “Betty’s personality is like no other I have known and if you didn’t know her, you would never guess her age. She is just a joy to be around.”

Betty and Herbie still go out dancing on the weekends and never miss a Steelers game!

Betty tells us that she has a whole room in her house dedicated to the “Black & Gold Boys” and she loves every one of them. She also wanted us to add that she, “Loves her Big Ben win or lose!”.

*Thank you to Lisa Proctor for sharing their story with us, and to Betty & Herb for sharing their wedding photo. May you have a wonderful life together!