Ben’s interview with Dave Walls, Sports Anchor & reporter at ABC 13 – WSET:

Ben’s message made an “Impact” on many in attendance, some of whom kindly shared their thoughts with us:

Trent Mills @MillsTrent
Great running into Big Ben @_BigBen7. Love great guys like him who stop what there doing to say hi to his fans and get a picture. He is also a great Man of God to look up to. Loved seeing him speak today.

“Very blessed to be able to see Ben Roethlisberger in person and hear him speak about his life in Christ.” — Steven Maurer.

“Awesome weekend Ben…it was great to hear your testimony.” — Tony Clark.

Steeler Hoo @gerry1027
Got to meet @_BigBen7 at Men’s Impact Weekend. Very nice man. @steelers @SteelersUnite 🖤💛

“Ben Roethlisberger: ‘Keep getting back up!'” — Anthony Browning.

“After hearing about y’alls farm idea today I would gladly bring my family to Pittsburgh and enjoy a weekend with my sons…Once again thank you for your time and consideration. Our family will miss watching you play football. I personally have watched you since your first NFL game. Great impression.” — God bless, Jonathan Hall.

“What an amazing weekend this has been, celebrating Jesus with 5000 men. Oh and this, I got to meet with, and talk to, Ben Roethlisberger. What an incredible man of God. I’m trying to get him to Temple! 🤞” — Rodney Pearce.

“This is the very best way to see Ben ‘in action’, serving the Lord, may God bless you always captain!”
— Edgar Herrera.

Jericho @EIEB_33AD
Thank You @_BigBen7 for being vulnerable at the Ignite Men’s Conference today!

“Very grateful for Ignite Men’s Weekend. Got to hear great stuff from Ben, Kurt, and so many more. Most importantly, I got to worship our Father with both my sons. Oh – and they played ‘Renegade’ in church, so there’s that.” — Kirk Dubs.

“Ben, thank you for speaking your testimony about your walk with God. Your stories are amazing and thank you for representing the best football team the Pittsburgh Steelers for 18 years.” — David Gibb.

“My son and I had a wonderful time. He wanted to meet Big Ben so bad. Maybe one day.” — Guy Maupin.

“I was there! It was an amazing weekend!!” — Michael Segovia.

A photo shared by Robert Matthews Photography of the 2 Super Bowl XLIII QB’s talkin’ about old times while backstage:

“This event was awesome two great Qbs but 2 awesome Godly men first”. — Timothy Jackson, II

“Great disciples of Christ. Thanks for doing God’s work Ben.” — Boyd Landis.

“What a privilege seeing you both this weekend and hearing your stories . Your accomplishments are great yet, as people of God, we are one big family.” — Jeff Carbone.

“The conference was great & both men’s interviews were awesome! Thank you both for loving the Lord & serving Him in the ministry. He has called you two!” — Robert A. Shipton.

“Yes indeed. May God richly bless both of them, their families and friends, along with every endeavour to come in the future.” — Richard M. Hays, Jr.

Stephen @TheRealStepBenC
Got to meet @_BigBen7 amazing moment.

“I know I didn’t get a chance to thank you personally for what you did for K9. But I was glad I was able to get you a coin. I have only been around K9 for 12 years. But it was even more of a blessing to hear you speak. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and your family.” — Michael Hartman.

“It was an amazing experience! Thank you Ben and Ignite!” — Joel Gruber.

Words from wives…

“Ladies, I 10/10 recommend marrying a man who loves the Lord. Jamie, Cliff and Cody have attended this Men’s Conference for years now. Let me just tell you being in a room where thousands of men are worshiping is so amazing and powerful and I am so blessed that my husband is one of those men. Don’t settle. Keep praying for God to lead to you the man that he has planned for you. We need more of this across our nation. I’m feeling extra thankful tonight for my God fearing husband. Also, how cool is it that Jamie Wolford caught a Steelers football signed by Ben Roethlisberger?!” — Natasha Wolford.

“Tyler is attending Ignite Mens Impact Weekend with Hagerstown Church of the Nazarene and is extra excited because Ben is there. What an amazing opportunity to hear professional athletes share testimony. He’s currently listening to Kurt Warner. What a day! So grateful! ❤️ — Kelly Womer.

And at the end of a glorious day…

Taylor French @Tayfrench12
Thank you @_BigBen7 for a great message today about your journey. Also thank you for taking a few moments at the airport to say hello and take a picture while it was snowing!

“Ben Roethlisberger is retired from the football field, but he’ll never retire when it comes to making an impact off the field. A man, that has so many accolades and accomplishments, but yet strives to be “Different” for Christ as he made a stop to Lynchburg, VA for Ignite Men’s Conference. Big Ben was known for his grit on the field for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but he also gave advice on spiritual grit to the crowd. He urged the men that whatever happens in life to always get back up, no matter how many times you get knocked down to always get back up. That sounds like Ben’s motto throughout his football career. As he embarks on this new journey of retirement, he certainly will make an even bigger impact for the Kingdom of God. Besides the accomplishments on the field, he’s also a father, a role model, a leader, and a servant for Christ. Awesome to hear him speak, and will certainly keep him and his family in prayer as he embarks on this new chapter. Excited to continue following him as I’ve looked up to him for so many year’s of my young life.” — Daniel Feagan.

“And THIS is how you live life after football.” — Chris Pici.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to share their messages and photos with us!