Saturday’s Edition takes us back to the 2018 Camp, one of the last camps #7 hosted!

And there’s no better way to start it off than with this great moment captured by photographer Matt Freed:

Followed by a fun video shared with us by parent Eileen Mess:

The camp parents were ON the [foot]ball today with their tweets, photographs & videos throughout Ben’s camp:

Eileen Mess @Eimess76
Annual tradition continues!! Father’s Day with Ben and family!

Remember Caleb Koehler? Well, he was there early along with his little brother, and boy, did he have his GAME FACE ON! #NoRiskNoReward

Clockwise from the top left:

Heather Zuzik @mrsz050606
Our little QB in the making had a BLAST today at @ProCamps!!! This was def an #Experience he’ll remember for a very long time!! Thank you @_BigBen7 for being so amazing and for this amazing opportunity!! 🏈

Melissa @Meli010985
He’s so excited to be here!! @ProCamps @_BigBen7 #experience

Jim Budzilek @JimBudzilek
Ready to roll! @_BigBen7

Chuck Burton @burton_coach
@_BigBen7 1st time camper from Daleville, VA #experience

Tom @trennie01
Some guys are pumped for camp this Father’s Day @_BigBen7 #herewegosteelers

Linda Phillips @wecame2believe
Luke has been planning this hair cut since knowing he’s coming to Big Ben’s Football Camp.

Time to work, but what are the kids working on? Ben explains:

Wait, let’s take these BEFORE they get all sweaty!

ProCamps @ProCamps
Team photo time at the @_BigBen7@_BigBen7 Football ProCamp! #Experience – at UPMC Rooney Sports Complex

Suzy Clark @ZumbaSuzy76
Thanks @_BigBen7 for taking time with Ryan today @ProCamps #experience @steelers

Shannan Anderson @shannan67809423
Catching a pass. Ready for another awesome Father’s Day at camp with Big Ben. @ProCamps @_BigBen7

Jim Budzilek @JimBudzilek
Doing his drills @_BigBen7@ProCamps

Joe Clark @clark_74
Coach ‘EM up Big Ben!! ⁦⁦@ProCamps @_BigBen7#experience

Melissa @Meli010985
Ben threw a pass to each and every kid here 🏈🖤💛 ⁦⁦@ProCamps @_BigBen7#experience

Heather TROYER @TroyerHeather
@_BigBen7@ProCamps #experience #AutismRocks
Thank You Ben for making Gabbys day! She has been a fan for many years and all shes ever wanted to do is meet you! THANKS AGAIN FOR A ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE!!

Nay Nay @USMC_Bunnie
Now the heat is on, literally 😂 still having a blast!! BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! @_BigBen7@ProCamps #experience

And after a long, toasty, fun day…

Bill B @bigben67
@_BigBen7 Thank you for a great day!

Jackie Terranova @jackietnova
Great program, I have a happy camper! Thanks for your time Big Ben! @_BigBen7 @ProCamps

T-Box Grouper @SteelCity_LCpl
Tired but elated!!!! What an awesome day! Thank you so much @_BigBen7 and @ProCamps for hosting such a special event. I really needed this today. You have no idea.

Robyn Freeh @rkfreeh
Thank you for an amazing experience!! This was Aiden’s first year at camp. He had an awesome time. @_BigBen7 @ProCamps

Cindy Koehler @ck5121
And that’s a wrap! So thankful for the invite to attend this camp! The power of social media is amazing! Caleb and Micah both got to meet Big Ben! We are heading home with a few new memories and a few new shirts😊Thank you @_BigBen7 we are forever thankful! #norisknoreward

Happy Father’s Day!

You can see more photos from Mr. Freed and read about Ben’s camp here.

Tomorrow we’ll relive Ben’s final ProCamps! Stop back by!