Check out these adorable fans who are so happy to have their QB back!

“Who do we love? Big Ben! Who do we love? Big Ben!”

“My daughter Harper repping her BIG BEN for Monday Night Football!!! We’re a huge football family and this was the first year she REALLY was into it!!” — Mom Courtney.

“When your pastor says to wear a shirt of what you’re a biggest fan of….We must represent our Steelers, even with our masks on!” — Mom Kayla.

That’s 3-year old Maddox on the left and 7-year old Maverick on the right!

“Keldan said ‘Bring on Monday night!!” — Dad Daniel.

Keldan was ready and so were his Steelers! Keldan, cool Terrible Towel mask!!

Three 7’s is definitely lucky!

“Now I feel like the NFL season is real! Welcome back Ben! It’s time to start our journey to #7!’ — Dad Kevin Schaffer.

8-year old Norma & 5-year old Logan are dreamin’ of a big win!

“We tried to stay awake!! Big Ben!! Go Steelers!” — Mom Wendy.