Izzy vs Jack:

“This is Baby Izzy channeling her outer Jack Lambert face!” — Suzanne Chawala-Holt.

Jack vs Vayda:

“My husband and I have always been huge Steelers fans, and even bigger Ben fans! Something we wanted to share with you and thought you guys would enjoy, is a picture of my daughter, Vayda, who put on our Steelers helmet and reminded us of someone we knew but couldn’t put a finger on it… until we did! Hope you enjoy!!” — April Taylor.

Hey! Who snuck this one in?

Becky Schrum did! A side-by-side of her 9-month old and Coach Cowher.

Now Thomas doesn’t want a face-off, he wants a face-to-face…and then wants to stuff his face, lol:

Jason Edmondson @JEdmondson5
My 9 year old’s dream dinner guest = @_BigBen7 and his dream dinner is carry-out from @primantibros. This dude bleeds black & gold 😀

Have a happy weekend, Steelers Nation!