It’s a Black and Ghoul…er…Gold night across the Nation!

A couple of #7’s:

Kendall Cawthorn heads out to do some Trick or Treating wearing her football hero’s jersey while being escorted by her every day hero, her dad Steve.

A couples night out:

Left: Cynthia Filmore as Coach Tomlin and her boyfriend, Michael, as the best TE in the business! Right: Michelle Stiehler as Troy, and her husband, Al, as the EXTRA-LARGE bottle of Head & Shoulders shampoo!

A “Throwback Thursday” Halloween:

That’s Hannah and Jake Prokopchak heading out for Halloween, circa 1998, and with their parents today!

And a “four-legged” Halloween:

Left: Duce, named after the Steelers’ Duce Staley, wants to know if any of the humans in his neighborhood are handing out cats on Halloween? If so, he’s going to need a bigger Trick or Treat bag! Middle: Emma waits at the door in her #43 jersey for the night’s Trick or Treaters. Right: Kismet is going the “formal costume route” – wearing a gold tie with the uniform in hopes of getting a big haul to hide in the backyard!

We have a lot more Halloween photos to share with you right here!

*Thank you so much to everyone who sent in their photos!