And…uhhhhh….what the ????

And apparently Steelers Nation (on social media) was just as confused as we were! Some of our favorites:

“Nailed it!” — Felicia Marie Kilgore.

“Those look like a combination of Ben, Rudolph and Haskins!!!” — Charles Murphy.

“When you order a Ben Roethlisberger collectible on Wish…” — Michael Batzli

Jessie Marie 💛🖤 @Joycestacy13
@_BigBen7 I thought the one on the left was really him

“Made in Cleveland.” — Bill Lee Isbzy.

“Definitely designed by a Raven’s fan.” — Garo D. Goodrow.

“The left one looks like Ben if he was a Disney villain. Lol” — Justin Spencer.

Ryne Ladley @RyneLadley
First one is Ben Spocklisberger and the second one is Ben Roethlisandler 😂

“Incredible likeness.” — Dan Allen.

“On the left, you and Andre the giant had a child, on the right, you and Hines Ward had a child.” — Sharon Saylor McLeod.

Hessian @HessianCT
@_BigBen7 Is that Ray Donovan and Obama?

“The only thing they got right on that was the number!” — Gene Beitch.

“At least they spelled your name right! 😂” — Brian Cartier.

*Thanks to Dave for the side-by-side photo!