“At the Pitt Panthers and Pittsburgh Steelers’ shared practice facility, Kenny Pickett learned from one of the best to do it.”

From Stephen Thompson, at SI.com’s ‘Inside the Panthers’:

South New Jersey native Kenny Pickett didn’t grow up a Steelers fan. His allegiance lied on the eastern pole of Pennsylvania with his Philadelphia Eagles and Donovan McNabb. But when he joined the Pitt Panthers to begin his college football career, Pickett took advantage of the proximity to Ben Roethlisberger and the elite Steelers offense.

Pickett said in an appearance on former Steeler Ryan Clark’s podcast The Pivot that he was able to learn how to time routes and develop chemistry with his pass-catchers by watching Roethlisberger work with Antonio Brown, Heath Miller and Le’Veon Bell.

“Those guys were playing at a different level,” Pickett said. “So when I was at Pitt and I was able to see it every day, watch them practice. You can see on the side after workouts and watch the timing, watch the guys before they come out of breaks. Way before I was doing it, I was like ’S***, I got some work to do with my guys before I get to that level.’”

You can listen to Kenny Pickett’s interview here.